2017 Colorado Regional

Hello CD! I figured I’d make a thread about the upcoming Colorado Regional.

I’ll start out with a few thanks. Thanks to DU and the Ritchie Center for hosting us again. Thanks to Colorado FIRST for organizing the event. Thanks to 2996 for providing a full practice field. And of course, thanks to all the volunteers who help this event to happen every year.

IMO, the Colorado Regional is shaping up to be more competitive (and more fun) than it has been in a while. 22 teams will have attended another regional going in, and of those 14 have had an eliminations appearance. 4 teams have been to the finals (three of them together), two teams have won a Chairman’s award, and five teams are already qualified for the Championship.

The regional is drawing the usual crowd from Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona and South Dakota. We would also like to welcome the teams coming from Texas (2158 and 3005), California (399), Minnesota (3298), and Nevada (4792) to the Mile High State.

I hope everyone enjoys themselves and has an excellent time. If we’re being honest, it’s pretty hard to beat the never ending mascot dance party that is the Colorado Regional.

1410 is very excited for our home regional. We’ve made some pretty major modifications to our robot following our first event and are looking forward to showing those off in the near future.

Best of luck to all teams competing. Also, a special shout-out/thanks to 159 for hosting the chairman’s exchange. You all rock.

I’m looking forward to Colorado! I’m excited to see how everyone has changed their robot or how it works if they haven’t competed yet. It’ll also be my final Colorado Regional as a student, so I’m looking forward to experiencing it all one last time. The very best of luck to everyone, and I’ll see you guys on Thursday!

Definitely a huge thanks to everyone involved in the Colorado Regional this year! Myself and the rest of 5763 is extremely excited about the competition later this week. Coming from a year three team (including our last place finish in 2015 :cool: ), Colorado’s regional has always been very welcoming and helpful for us to learn. We’re very enthusiastic for this year, and we can’t wait to see all of the teams competing with us. See y’all on Thursday (or on Wednesday if you’re cool :wink: )

4388 is excited to come to the Colorado Regional once again! Week 4 is an exciting week as almost everyone is almost at peak performance. Good luck to all teams competing here in Colorado!

3005 - RoboChargers are excited to come to Colorado for the first time and make some new friends and see some familiar faces from our friends 2158 - ausTIN CANs!

Our team is flying in early on Wednesday to do some sight seeing so if any locals have recommendations for where to go, and more importantly what to eat, we’d love to hear it!

We’d love to hook up with your team. Our school is only a couple miles from the venue, and we’d have lots of ideas for you as far as things to do and places to eat. PM me and I’ll give you my phone number

Our floor intake finally works. Looking forward to picking up gears off the floor this time.

We’ve also been working on improvements to the climber (so we make them all and don’t miss by an inch every tenth climb), and to the vision. Everyone is tired but we know that improvement comes with hard work. See you Thursday morning!

I can’t wait to see everybody in Colorado! We are only going to be making one small modification to Hive on Thursday, so expect to see us in the practice matches! We also just got vision tracking for the first time ever; we’re not sure if it’ll be perfected in time for Denver, but definitely for Houston. We are also extremely excited to be showing off our first ever blue banner that we just won in Utah!

Make sure to stop by our pits and give our students a Hi Five!


Team 4499 is excited to see all of our fellow Coloradoan teams, as well as meeting some of the teams traveling here. We are very excited to reveal our robot upgrades and hope to engage in a great competition. Good luck to all teams attending, see you all there!

Thank you guys for bringing in MUCH better weather than last year. I might actually make my flight into Denver tomorrow morning instead of flying to Albuquerque and driving from there.

See you guys on the field!

Um… This is Colorado, the weather report is absolutely useless. I don’t expect there to be bad weather, but it could be 75 degrees tomorrow and snowing on Friday and I would not be surprised.

Thanks for volunteering!

If this is your first time in Colorado, you HAVE to check out Red Rocks. Not sure where you’re staying, but it’s thirty minutes from the competition

Jerualem’s (which is right by the venue) has amazing middle eastern food. In general though there’s a ton of food around DU and you can’t really go wrong with any of it. If you’re up for more of a drive, in more central Denver/further south you can snag some pretty amazing tacos and other stuff.