2017 Colorado Regional

I will by no means cover everything and everyone worthy of mention, so please speak up, those of you who have something to share! I’ll start the thread off with my personal thoughts.

our LRI, MC, and the head of Colorado FIRST have been consistently serving our community for something like 30 years between them. They are passionate, dedicated, compassionate, intelligent, fun, and helpful. Thank you to all three, especially Dawn Lutz for making the event possible.

No offense intended to any other regional or district, but the Friday night social in Colorado is the best. Those kids (and adults) are showing themselves and anyone who cares to watch what it’s like to be yourself without fear of being judged or categorized. Well done, once again!

Team 2240, Brute Force, chose to theme their team on a pun, calling it “Steam Dunk” and making cool basketball jerseys. They named their tall robot Shaquille O’Wheel. One of their students contacted the REAL Shaquille O’Neil through Twitter, saying “get back to me quick, it’s important!”, and HE DID! He recorded a support video for the team in a hilarious robot voice. Sooo awesome. I hope they get another celeb for next year!

Colorado only had one high Fuel shooter (1619) and one low dumper (399) to speak of, so the game was dominated by Gears and climbing. It reminded me a lot of 2013 in terms of effective strategies, the speed vs. pushing power, and the way it was hard to see around those giant things in the middle of the field. So many games came down to whose alliance had more climbers. There were, I think, only two or three matches with four rotors spinning.

Teams I want to highlight:

1619, who model grace to me as a mentor and coach, and whose robot will give any powerhouse a run for their money.

399, who came back to Colorado and made a splash. Thanks for being great partners in the elims.

3005, our new friends from Dallas. Thank you for your calm demeanor, for your excellent robot, and for joining my team and our party last night.

1011, for proving that simplicity is gold. We will continue to try and follow your model.

2996, for your continued friendships and hospitality, not to mention your excellent robot. Congrats on the EI!

4388, for trusting us as your alliance partners, and for your furious effort to fix the broken climber in the finals. It was monumental and heroic.

4499, for showing what’s possible and desirable for a team to be like.

What a crazy weekend.

Thank you to teams 1011 and 3648 for helping us win the Colorado Regional. It was great to work with you guys again, and it was a enormous team effort to get the win (especially after things broke on all of our robots). Thank you both for contributing to the alliance and being so great to work with.

A great job to teams 4388, 399, and 1339 on getting to the finals. I was stunned to see you all pull off four rotor matches multiple times, and I thought every single robot on that alliance was amazing and very capable. You all worked very well together, and I’m happy you guys will be attending the Championship.

Congratulations to 2996 on the Engineering Inspiration Award. You guys do a lot of incredible outreach, and you guys continue to inspire me and my team. The same goes to 1011 and their Chairman’s Award. I was amazed at how much you guys do in your community, and I’m excited to see both of you guys again in April.

I’d also like to give a shoutout to teams 3005, 4499, and 4183. I was amazed by your robots and it was fun to compete with them. You guys should still be proud of what you made this year, and I look forward to seeing what you all build in the future.

Thanks again to the volunteer staff that make this event possible, and I can’t wait for next year, even if I’ll be watching it from afar.

Also, if anyone from 2261 is on Chief Delphi, you guys won the Judge’s Award! Don’t forget to claim it!

This was absolutely a memorable weekend for our team and myself.

First of all, a HUGE thanks has to go to Dawn Lutz and everyone that made this regional happen. Dawn Lutz is often in the background, but she needs to be recognized as she volunteers to organize this event and has put 14 years of hard work and dedication to the Colorado Regional and FIRST.

Second, of all, a large thanks must go the University of Denver for letting us use their venue every year. It truly makes this regional special.

Our team (4388) has never been past Quarterfinals and that completely changed this year.

We went into to playoffs ranked 3rd. We were the 3rd Alliance captain and got to select our own alliance. We picked 399 Eagle Robotics and 1339 Angelbotics. This alliance had the highest combined OPR of the playoffs.
Huge thanks to 399 and 1339. You guys were the best alliance mates we could’ve asked for.

A great job to all the teams we faced to reach finals, this includes 159 Alpine Robotics(Love you guys!), 1410 The Kraken, 2996 Cougars Gone Wired, 3005 RoboChargers, 4499 The Highlanders, and 3729 The Raiders. You all were tough to beat.

A huge applause to the teams that beat us in the finals 1619 Up-A-Creek Robotics, 1011 CRUSH, and 3648 Sparta Robotica, you guys were amazing to watch and play against.

This weekend was amazing for our team as we won pit safety once again (7 times in 5 years), the Creativity Award, Finalists, and a wildcard spot qualifying us for Championships for the first time in our history!!!

From all of us at the Bit Buckets (Team 4183, Tucson): we really enjoyed competing with you as well. Best of luck!

Also, does anyone know where we could find a complete video of the two days? I would be especially interested in the feed we were seeing on the jumbotron at center field!