2017 - Curie Subdivision


Could a mod add 2017 to the title please?

Team 2791 is excited for our first Championship since our rookie season in 2009! We’re looking forward to meeting and playing with so many new teams.

2169 KING TeC is very excited to compete with everyone on Curie! Will we see a revival of the victorious Central Illinois 2481-4143 alliance? Can’t wait to find out!

Team Talon 1598 is excited to be back to Champs after some time away. Looks like a great division. Excited to be playing with our VA friends Sparky 384 and Blue Cheese 1086. Would really be great if our bus mates Stags 1262 could be with us too, but you cant have it all.

2410’s looking to a 3rd appearance on Curie field; looks like shooters are few and gears are plenty, so we have our work cut out to leave an impact on the competition.
As a side note, we competed this season with a set of AndyMark Swerve N Steer, and the kids seem to have liked them, so don’t be a stranger and swing on by to talk to them about the experience and decide if you want to pick up a set yourself!

Warm greetings from 449! Excited to have all these CHS(y?) teams together, and we’re looking forward to a great event!

Team3293 The OtterBots are super excited to be at our first Champs event. We can’t wait to compete with these great teams. Its been since week 1 that we have seen our bot. I wonder if we will recognize it!

The CHeeSe is strong in this division.

So pumped to be playing with you all. It’s a fitting honor for my all-girls team to be in the Curie Division for our first FIRST Championship!

We (Team 226) looks forward to swimming with everyone in Curie :)!

Team 4946- The Alpha Dogs, can’t wait to run with the pack on Curie for our first worlds appearance since our rookie year in 2014.

Team 2500 - Herobotics is hyped to be competing back on Curie once again! Can’t wait to see you all in St. Louis! :smiley:

This was a fun division to be in! We’ve never partnered with any teams in our division before so it was fun to meet and play with so many new teams. Although we were defeated in quarterfinals, I’d like to thank 2481, 203, and 1807 for being great alliance partners, and congrats to 2056, 1241, 384, and 1511 for making it to Einstein.

One last thing – can we all take a minute to appreciate this move by 5205 in QF2 match 3? With 96 seconds remaining on the clock, they pull a pretty slick drive-by and actually remove a gear from an opponent peg. Seeing it up close was amazing, the camera doesn’t do it justice as for how fast it was.

Does anyone know where I could find match video of Curie elims? It’s not linked on tba :frowning:

I’ve been using the videos linked by https://twitter.com/FRC_replay - it has multiple entries for some matches, it seems like the latest entry for any given match has the game.

You can just go to the twitch channel for Curie, here:
Go to the videos tab. It has one video for each day, so all the elims are in the most recent video.

SPARKY team 384 would like to thank the #1 seed alliance captain 2056 OP robotics & 1241 Theory 6 for picking us. The run through the Curie field eliminations and making it to Einstein was worth all trials the team faced over the season. Tyler & Stan what an incredible team you guys have built. T and the Theory 6 crew from the wicked strategy and attention to details shows that you guys are a true Einstein team.
SPARKY would also like to give a shout out to our longtime friend Kevin Killian & The Pasack Pioneers on their first time on Einstein and the championship win.

Team 4946- The Alpha Dogs would like to thank the entire Curie Sub-Division for a great week of competition. We had a lot of fun, and enjoyed going up against some of the best teams in the world. A special shout out to our alliance partners Team 4917- Sir Lancerbot, and Team 2169- King Tec for helping us to achieve a great end to our season. Hope to see all these teams and more in Detroit next year!