2017 Darwin Subdivision


Have at it.

Let’s get ugly!

Excited to be in such an incredible division! Team 2067 is looking forward to competing with and against this awe inspiring crowd!

229 is excited to be in Darwin! Seems like a very competitive division.

2869 is excited to compete in such a competitive division. We should have some cool stuff coming! Stuff to prevent something like 1986s auto :).

This should be ugly indeed. :slight_smile:

4571 is so excited to compete on Darwin. It’s going to be awesome to be with really strong teams. Hopefully we are good enough to make elims :slight_smile:

Team 5123 is excited to represent New York on the Darwin field, and wishes all teams the best of luck :slight_smile:

This is going to be fun. :cool:

We never take making the championship for granted. We are honored to be here and have a great deal of respect for this deep field of competitors.

It means a lot to our kids to have this opportunity to meet new teams and reunite with distant friends from around the world. Stop by and say hi if you get a chance. We are fans of so many here.

We are going to celebrate every moment, but we are not in awe of this moment. It’s time to go to work. If we get to play together expect us to be focused, driven, and prepared. We plan to be friendly too. :slight_smile: We will do everything possible to be at our best, and will lend our support to as many teams as we can.

In qualifications there are no alliance captains. We will have strategy ideas, but we ultimately want to collaborate on a plan that everyone is excited about. We all have worked tremendously hard to get here. Even in defeat there is a sense of satisfaction in giving it everything you’ve got.

If you’ve got a new feature for champs that you want your alliance partners to trust, bring some video. We can’t wait to see what everyone’s been working on.

548 is excited to be in the Darwin Division! (Especially because our mascot is named Darwin)

Nice. The “D” stands for “Defense”.

With or without Tech Foul? ::rtm::

Red card

Aren’t you in Houston right now, #StickToYourOwnChamps


Both champs are in the same time zone and are labeled East and West… So arguably they’re both mine.

Team 74 is incredibly excited to compete with so many great teams in the Darwin Division. Can’t wait to see you all in St Louis!

Couldn’t be more on board with this attitude. Love it. Can’t wait to work with you all!

Hey all you refs, would the A04 Foul and then the A04 Tech Foul both be called, or just the tech foul? I think we would come out ahead either way, but it would be sweet to get both! :smiley:

Calm down everybody, he didn’t say they had plans to stop 1986’s auto while they were on the opposing alliance.

Either way this seems like a foolproof way to get on everybody’s no-pick list.

I love how we’re jumping to conclusions about how the hypothetical 2869 auto will draw fouls instead of looking forward to 1114-esque ball harpoons to trigger hoppers.