2017 Default Dashboard Bug

After extensive testing, I believe I discovered a bug with the 2017 default dashboard (and the LabVIEW dashboard project). The base robot project indicates that you should be able to re-name items on the “Basic” tab of the dashboard by writing to the “DB/Button Names” array (also LED, Slider, String). This is all handled in WPI_DashboardUpdateNames.vi.

The problem is with the code screenshot below in Dashboard Main.vi. The VI has an enum for the tab index, but this enum has not been updated to match the actual indices of the tabs. Specifically, the camera tab was inserted before Basic, so all the indices are one too low.

A basic fix for this is to edit the items in the enum to add the Camera tab, but it would be more appropriate to change these enums to a typedef that should be updated whenever tabs are added/removed.

It’s pretty late in the season, but I wanted to bring attention to this in case any other teams wanted to use the default dashboard and were running into the same problem. Hopefully this bug will be patched for the 2018 default.