2017 Game Animation PT.3


I want to believe, but I’ve been hurt before.

Edit: are those red/blue objects the game piece, or something else?

2nd edit: I think you’ve made a mistake. Googling the name that these photos are uploaded to (Zachary_Fedasz) leads me to
a. a snapchat video of a ref dancing.
b. A facebook post from FRC Canada that says that Zachary Fedasz liked it.
This makes me think you’re a student in Canada (Toronto), and honestly (though I could be wrong) that stops any part of me that once might have believed that this is real. Pack it up guys, just an elaborate troll, but sloppy in the end.

Woops. https://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/member.php?u=89802

If it’s real (it’s not) then it would definetly fit the futuristic theme…

Sometimes you just need to believe

Until it is officially released by FIrst then I won’t believe it.

Glad to see this is out I was getting worried this was fake.

Cool pre-rebrand FIRST logo on those shiny new official 2017 UFO game pieces

I enjoy looking at these “leaks”. I think they are funny and were meant in good humor. I’m not sure why the OP has so much negative rep. I think that it’s very obvious these are fake and I think the OP meant it in fun and games. I doubt the OP really wanted people to believe they were real.

Edit: This honestly looks like a high schooler who loves FRC with way too much time on their hands (like me sometimes) who just got bored and decided to CAD something.

Anyway, the red and blue balls seem to be attached to a solid pipe. maybe the objective could be attaching these balls to the pipe somehow. Also, the Frisbee would be an interesting piece. Any type of launch would need to be done on the side of the Frisbees because of the lumps in the middle of them. Obviously, this game is fake but it’d make some interesting game pieces.

Protip: imgur, cubeupload, and tinypic support anonymous uploading

I’m disappointed that everyone gave so much negative rep. I didn’t ever take this seriously (hence the silly edits) but it seems others did.

Not at all! I really enjoyed looking at this and theorizing about the game. I meant no ill will by posting that.

If this was a true concern of being real most likely the threads would have been locked or deleted.

The OP has so many red dots because I have a terrifying amount of rep power.

I understood these are fake, but I also realize there are a lot of younger and less experienced members of these forums that might not. Especially in the beginning of the school year, when plenty of rookie members are going to be joining the forums.