2017 Houston Champions

Congratulations to our 2017 Houston champions from the Roebling division 973 The Greybots, 1011 Crush, 2928 Viking Robotics, and 5499 the Bay Orangutans.
Winning Einstein finals after beating the Newton division winners 1678, 118, 4188, and 5892 2-0

Hold up, Imma let you finish, but the red alliance deserved that Einstein win.

How many times to do you have to go to Einstein before you win lol

5 straight trips, 1 win. Losing to the eventual champions every time.
Feels bad
However, I think every team in First will take getting to Einstein 5 times in a row if it means you only win once.

The match win, sure. Who knows how a match 3 would have gone.

Yeah I forgot 2015

Super congratulations to the winning alliance 973 The Greybots, 1011 Crush, 2928 Viking Robotics, and 5499 the Bay Orangutans. It means alot to Arizonians that team 1011 became the first AZ team to win Champs! Congrats to Team Crush!

Congrats to all 4 teams on the winning alliance. You guys performed extremely well, and you should be proud of what you’ve accomplished. Congratulations guys, and have fun at the Festival of Champions!

My biggest congrats to 5499, finishing off the best underdog story I’ve ever seen firsthand in FRC!

1011, congratulations! You were wonderful to work with at Colorado, and I’m happy to see you pulled off the win.

Also, congrats to 973, 2928, and 5499!

Huge congratulations to both the Roebling alliance (973/1011/2928/5499) and the other five alliances for making it to that level of competition. Can’t wait to see what magic can rise to this challenge in St. Louis and at the FoC!

Congratulations to the whole alliance on the Einstein win, glad to see them pull it out after the last round robin match that set up the rematch of these two alliances.

And another special congratulations to 1011 on being the first Arizona team to win Einstein! I remember watching 60, 64, and others come so close in the past and it’s great to see Crush finally break through with the win! We’ll look forward to seeing you at the AZ State Championship in October!

175 penalty points. Wow.

Great job by all 8 teams this year!

973 & 5499, it was awesome to go from practicing together during the build season (is Adam still riding that Segway somewhere right now?), and teaming up with 5499 at SFR, to watching you both go all the way to being WORLD CHAMPS! Kudos. Truly inspiring.