2017 Hudson Valley Rally

If you need anything, let us know. We will be down early Saturday AM. How early will the building be open?

BTW, your Field Supervisor is one of our mentors and one of the field reset people is a recent graduate. Dan is very experienced with the whole field and will keep us on time unless we have field communications issues.

Looking forward to this Saturday.

Here is a finalized list of the competing teams:

333 The Megalodons
694 Stuypulse
806 ETech Chargers
2869 Regal Eagles
3419 Rohawks
4055 NRG
4122 O-Bots
4571 Rambots
5123 Mechadogs
5298 Etech Chargers
5943 The Bad News Gears
6590 SaviTech
9999 Choate Robotics (Pre-rookie Team)

You guys gonna try and get a livestream going? Would love to watch a bit from home.

I’d like to extend a thank you to everyone that set up and helped run this event. All of the volunteers put in a ton of work both last night and all of today, and I’d like to acknowledge their amazing contributions. Please get some sleep soon!

I’d like to thank all of the teams for being graciously professional and helpful. Specifically, I’d like to thank our alliance partners, 333 - The Megalodons and 806 - Brooklyn Blacksmiths for an amazing win. This is the first time in our team history that we’ve won an event, and we couldn’t have done it without everyone involved.

Thank you.

What an event HVR was. The resourcefulness of the local team and crew of volunteers** cannot be understated**. When you start field build at 5:30 pm get kicked out at 9 pm :ahh: and able to start matches at 9 am :ahh: :ahh: the next day is pretty amazing in my book. Hope next year this event is able to grow even more!