2017 Idaho Regional

Team 3256 is excited to compete for its first time in Idaho, from March 29th to April 1st!

Here are the teams in attendance, sorted by average OPR in prior competitions this season:

3256 - 114.11 (76.89 at Central Valley, 151.33 at San Francisco)
2486 - 102.43 (92.76 at Arizona North, 112.09 at Los Angeles)
701 - 101.91 (101.91 at Sacramento)
2122 - 100.65 (100.65 at Utah)
3230 - 98.85 (98.85 at Utah)
399 - 96.35 (91.62 at San Diego, 101.08 at Colorado)
5499 - 92.19 (92.19 at San Francisco)
3006 - 88.08 (88.08 at Utah)
4598 - 83.78 (83.78 at Utah)
996 - 80.38 (80.38 at Arizona North)
1836 - 77.74 (77.74 at San Diego)
5496 - 75.15 (75.15 at Sacramento)
968 - 74.6 (74.6 at San Diego)
1983 - 72.19 (55.21 at Auburn Mountainview, 73.13 at Central Washington University, 88.22 at Glacier Peak)
3245 - 71.63 (71.63 at Utah)
3239 - 64.02 (64.02 at Utah)
5933 - 62.23 (62.23 at Utah)
6546 - 51.53 (51.53 at Utah)
3250 - 51.19 (53.32 at San Diego, 49.06 at Sacramento)
4984 - 44.43 (44.43 at San Diego)
2594 - 39.4 (39.4 at Utah)
1891 - 38.88 (38.88 at Utah)
5871 - 29.19 (29.19 at Utah)
3166 - 25.67 (25.67 at Utah)
5430 - 12.95 (12.95 at San Francisco)
6682 - 4.82 (4.82 at Lone Star Central)

Yet to compete:

Best of luck to all teams competing!

701 is looking forward to coming back up to Boise. This Regional has 5 wildcards present (399, 701, 2486, 3256, and the auto generated wildcard). It’s sure to be a fun regional again and we’ll see everyone on Thursday.

Best of luck to all competing.

Team Tators will be unlocking the spud shed and rolling out the Tator trailer for the 10 minute journey to Taco Bell Arena at 05:50 pm Wed! While several teams have already competed multiple times in 2017 (399, 1983, 2486, 3250, 3256), almost a third of the field will be debuting their Steamworks entries. As gameplay strategies have continued to evolve over the first four weeks, I expect to see some robot modifications in the pits as teams vie for an invitation to Champs.

Wishing safe, uneventful travels for our fellow competitors from AB, AZ, CA, ID, MT, NM, UT and WA!

I’ll be excited to watch this regional! I’m looking forward to seeing how 2122 has improved since Utah and I’ll also be watching for 399, with whom we just competed with at Colorado. The very best of luck to everyone!

We look forward to coming and meeting new friends and reacquainting ourselves with old ones.
It should be fun

God OPR is broken this year. Can’t wait to make the trek up again. I’ve been preaching how much I loved this event last year, so glad to see it bigger and better than ever!

I know I can speak for my team when I say 3230 is excited for round two in Idaho! Good luck everyone, travel safely!

I’m looking forward to the 10 minutes it will take just for me to get to the freeway to head LAX :slight_smile:

I’m personally inviting our good friends on Team 2122 to join with Team 701 on “Project 3250”. Doug Green can fill you in on the details.

Any word on a stream?

EDIT: They just posted this link on Facebook.

Embedding seems to be disabled. If someone knows who’s running the stream and it’s unintentional, can it be fixed? Thanks.

First of all, I can’t congratulate 3256 and 3562 on their respective Chairman’s and Engineering Inspiration Awards. You can’t possibly overstate what they’ve done for their communities and communities across the world, with completely different approaches that every team can learn from. It’s teams like you that make me proud to be a part of the FIRST community.

To 2122, thank you for having faith in us. I know we don’t usually fit the profile of the teams you’re used to playing with, but I’m honored y’all would play with us irregardless. For a team that works out of a basement with limited resources, you are are epitome of engineering effectiveness and scrappiness, and an inspiration to how we model our program here in Berkeley, and plan on building out FIRST in the East Bay. I hope the tournament win serves as a little redemption for my other team :rolleyes:

To 3006, when we played with you in our first qual match, two things stuck out. The first was that y’all had the first human player taller than ours! The second was how much I enjoyed playing with y’all. So when alliance selection came around, I can’t express how stoked we were that we could take you! Amongst all the inconsistencies and brutal eliminations matches, y’all were the consistent rock of our alliance. I hope we play together again soon!

It was super awesome to reconnect with old friends and make new ones at our second Idaho Regional. For a region often neglected by the FIRST spotlight, it is not only the most well put together event I have ever attended, but one of the more competitive ones as well. I’m sure the show will just get better year after year. I fell in love with the event the first time, and I’m more than blessed to have been able to come back. Can’t wait for the next one!

Thank you very much! Your team’s story this season is highly inspiring and it’s incredible to see how good of a robot you could make despite all of the struggles and hardships. I wish you guys the best of luck at worlds and beyond!