2017 Indiana State Championship

Greeting fellow FIRST’ers

As most of you know, FRC Team 1501 T.H.R.U.S.T. will be hosting the Indiana State Championship next year.
We are super excited.
Also most of you know that these events can’t be run by one person. It takes a team of dedicated volunteers.
I’m writing this to encourage everyone to go to the VIMS page at usfirst.org and register to volunteer for our event.
If this event is to far away, volunteer for one near you :smiley:

I KNOW Billfred will volunteer :rolleyes:

If you do volunteer, please e-mail me so I can keep a record of it.

Wayne Doenges
FRC Team 1501
Volunteer Coordinator

Well, we are just 4 days away from the first State Championship being held in Huntington, IN.
I am stoked. Our whole team will try to make it the best championship ever. If we don’t. let us know :smiley:
Good luck to the top 32 Indiana teams.
We are having a Steampunk themed costume contest and a Mario Cart competition.
See you soon.

I’m very excited for state and can’t wait for it. Do you have any pictures of the venue by chance? I’m mostly just curios about how packed into the stand’s we’ll be. Thanks Wayne!

My former high school, I know the layout pretty well.
There are alot of stands that could be used. However, I think most of them will not be in use.

I would say, I assume about 80 percent of the space that we had at Perry. There will also be 5 less teams there, with is 15 percent less teams. Take that how you will.

Should be ample but tight. The layout is almost exactly like Perry, but smaller. The lower level far side should be in due to the field size, with both upper levels out. Im hoping both uppers are out.

I am not planning this event, just my thoughts and predictions. Hope it helps.


Sorry that link is wrong. Please disregard it.

For any team that played at the State Championship, would you please leave some feedback here (good or bad).
What did we do well and what could be improved on?
This is just in case we are crazy enough to host another event :eek:

Ok, if you ask my team I am an eternal pessimist when it comes to venues. Everything went really well and I didn’t really have any complaints.

If you want me to get nit-picky a couple items would have made it better but are in no way a knock on what was an excellent event.

  1. Play the matches on a larger screen in the pits so those kids stuck in the pits would have an easier time.
  2. Railings on the steps. I saw several people trip going up and down. (not sure you can do anything about that, and it has been an issue at all the events I went to this year).

That’s it and I had to reach for those. The event went very smoothly. I was pleased.

I have to agree, things were for the most part, pretty smooth.

If I could complain about anything, and 1501 know how i can complain, they would be these things:

I know you cant change either of these at HNHS, but

  1. Railings on the stairs. This was an issue at Perry as well, but it was really bad for alot of non teens.

  2. At HNHS, it wasnt great trying to get from the upper deck to the field. This was only really a problem for awards, but it still slightly annoyed me.

I thought it went pretty well. Thanks for being crazy enough to host.

I would say from a volunteer standpoint it all went really well! I would have a volunteer only door. Getting through the teams in the morning was a nightmare… and loud lol.
Also cover up the bumps in the walkways. There was a spot specifically in that walkway through that weight lifting room where I and many other people would trip over it. I would just layer it up with gaff tape or something because I know cones would get in the way of the robots

Overall great job!!

I can only complain about the heat in the stands. Eliminations were pretty toasty. Maybe a few doors could be opened?

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I’m not sure if this was required by the school or not but a few other team members and I thought all the police presence was kind of odd. I felt like it might have made load in slower than usual.

The projector on the upper stands behind the scoring table was a blessing and a curse. The curse part is that it made 2/3 of the stands on that side unusable. You could only see from the sides. I think some teams or spectators would have rather just sat up higher on that side without the projector.

Robot traffic flow appeared to be nice. It was a nice short walk between the pits and queuing.

Venue was a nice venue. No need to change schools.

Concessions were great. Especially when I really needed some food Thursday night before our team got dinner at 10:30ish.

Overall, I thought the event was great. Everything was on time and ready to go. Hope your spring break continues to be on a late week (at least that’s a late spring break to Indianapolis schools) so you can host again. Thanks 1501!

There was a semi-state basketball game a couple of weekends ago. I guess too many people showed up and parked in the front lawn at the school. The school wasn’t too happy about pulling cars out of the lawn at their own basketball game, so they contacted us and required emergency management for our event not knowing how many people would park for the robotics event. So you are right, it was required this time at their suggestion. Now that we know the parking lot can handle the event, the second one might go easier or at-least easier for us to pitch to school, there should not be a problem.

Yeah, tough one to solve for sure…It’s not easy finding a spot for a screen without blocking the view.