2017 IndyRAGE Update and Results

We had 19 teams compete a the 2017 IndyRAGE, a nice increase over 2015 and 2016. Teams were from Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois and Kentucky and included one Indiana Rookie!

With 19 teams, we played a modified round-robin with 5 alliances (#1 with 3 teams, #2-5 with 4 teams) and then a best 2 of 3 for the finals.

Competition Results
Winners - (#1 Alliance) 234, 4926, 2826
Finalist - (#3 Alliance) 4103, 1741, 1501, 3947

Award Results
Most Spirit - 1018
Safety - 4103
Design - 1741
Imagery - 6721
Technical Description - 1529
Team Dynamics - 2826
Judges Choice - 6956
Mentor- Rachel Miller (1741)

Lunch Activity was small group discussions around Diversity and Inclusion so students could share their ideas and talk about how their teams work. Students discussed their responses to a short question set. Mentors had a similar discussion separate from the students.

We had a great group of volunteers from Rolls-Royce, Cummins, IUPUI and the community. Several new volunteers were introduced to FIRST.

This sounds like a wonderful event. I really like the idea of small group discussions like that because I think it helps people fell closer with each other. Especially when the topic is “How do we help some group of people”.

The conglomerate of Wave members who drove down for the event reported having a fantastic time and they all can’t wait for next year. They are already planning another trip to Albanese candy store for another huge bag of gummies goof ups.

Can you enlighten us as to what the Team Dynamics award represents? Nobody on our team can remember.

We just give the judges the award names, and ask them to create their definition.

However, I think the Team Dynamics award is loosely based on how a team is organized and how well they work together. Which i think holds true for Wave.

I seem to remember from the presentation of the award that it had something to do with inclusion and diversity as well.

Are the complete results from IndyRAGE going to be posted on The Blue Alliance? There’s been an event for it up there for quite a while but nothing on it

Match Video Link on YouTube:

Event Photos and Recap Video:

-Hugh Meyer