2017 Iowa Regional

The 2017 Iowa Regional starts very soon so it was time to get the thread started.

We are looking forward to seeing many of our friends at Iowa this week.

For me personally I am looking forward to seeing my High School Alma Mater compete,** FRC Team 4011 Pi Robotics**.

Good luck all teams.

Looking forward to the regional. This will be the Channel Cat’s first ever time attending the Iowa regional.

Here is the schedule: http://firstinspires.org/sites/default/files/uploads/frc/2017-events/2017_IACF_Agenda.pdf

We will be making a couple improvements to our robot including completely changing out the rope climber, so can’t wait to see how it all works.

Team list:

167 Children of the Corn
525 Swartdogs
648 QC ELITE - Flaming Squirrels
876 Thunder Robotics
967 Iron Lions
1094 Channel Cats
1208 Metool Brigade
1785 Blue Springs Robocats
1987 Broncobots
2040 DERT - Dunlap Eagles Robotics
2081 Icarus
2177 The Robettes
2410 Blue Valley CAPS Metal Mustang Robotics
2450 Raiderbots
2500 Herobotics
2512 Duluth East Daredevils
2530 Inconceivable
2574 RoboHuskie
3018 Nordic Storm
3206 Royal T-Wrecks
3267 Mariner Robotics
3528 Up Next
3633 Catalyst 3633
3928 Team Neutrino
4009 Denfeld DNA 
4011 πρbοtic (pi robotics) 
4230 TopperBots 
4329 Lutheran Roboteers
4506 PioNerds
4536 MinuteBots
4646 Team ASAP
4818 The Herd
5041 CyBears
5434 Falcon Robotics
5576 Team Terminator
5638 LQPV Robotics
5690 SubZero Robotics
5809 The Jesubots
5837 Unity4Tech
5906 Titanium Badgers
5935 Tech Tigers
5991 Chargers
6164 Moonshot 
6317 Disruptive 
6320 Iron Hawks
6359 TechKnow 
6371 Dead Robotics 
6379 Terabyte of RamPleasant
6412 For Sale By Owner
6420 Fire Island Robotics (Muscatine Iowa)
6455 The Coded Collective
6467 Tiger Robotics
6536 TheDarkSide
6630 F.U.N. (FieRCely Uknighted Nation)

Looks like a pretty competitive event. Teams to watch out for as contenders (imo): 525, 876, 967, 1987, 2410, 2512, 3528, 3928, 4536, and 5434.

Team 4329, the Lutheran Roboteers is super excited to be going to the Iowa regional for the first time and competing with some Awesome powerhouse teams. We look forward to contributing to another High Score alliance like we did in STL two weeks ago in our QF2-3 match with 1259 and 1985. 441 alliance score with 4 rotors and three bots ready for take-off!

Has anyone compiled the potential wildcard producing teams coming to the event?

I’m counting 3
876 (Chairman’s in Duluth NL)
2512 (Finalist Captain in Duluth NL)
1987 (Winners KC)

Any more?

Nope I came up with the same thing.

Greetings teams,

I just wanted to mention that 2500 Herobotics will be presenting a seminar titled “Transforming our Culture - Inclusion and Diversity in FIRST” at the Iowa Regional on Thursday at 2PM. The seminar will be located in the “Hall of Fame Room” which is on the upper level of the connector between the Uni-Dome and McLeod Center.

Here’s an abstract of the seminar for those interested:
“FIRST Robotics is a model that can work in many communities. Through this workshop, FIRST Team 2500 Herobotics will discuss ways to help widen the circle of FIRST, increase inclusion on your team, and connect with diverse cultural and economic groups in your community.”

I hope to see some of you at the seminar! :slight_smile: Good luck to everyone competing this weekend in Iowa. I can’t wait! :smiley:

I’m really excited that this regional will be broadcast on the FIRST Twitch. I’ll be sure to post in chat from the pits! (watching on the video board you can see from everywhere, of course)

By any chance could this be recorded and posted for those of us who [no longer] live in Iowa?

Said 441 match can be seen here: https://youtu.be/w0EO7jMJR9Y

Sadly I won’t be able to attend this event but I know there will be some fantastic matches. A lot of very strong teams attending this regional. Good luck everyone!

I know that we were told the Hall of Fame room is very bright (darn windows!) and we can’t have a projector screen in there. This issue may make the seminar hard to follow on a recording, but I’ll still bring it up to team leadership and see if there’s a way we could make it work! :smiley:

Thank you kind internet stranger. We hope we don’t let you down! After working out most of our problems in KC last weekend and having a great Saturday, the Metal Mustangs are ready to #rockthestable at Iowa.

Team 2410 is very excited to be returning to the Iowa Regional this year. We had a great experience last year up in Cedar Falls and can’t wait to go in just a few days (and not just because we will be missing school :)).

Having been so spoiled with the awesome practice field put up by the LSR-7 alliance here in KC, we were wondering if there will be a full practice field at the UNI Dome this year.

I’m looking forward to my first trip down there this week! I heard so many great things about this regional last year, I can’t wait to see it in person.

4329 enjoyed the presence of our own CD Celeb, Ryan Dognaux, cheering us on from the VIP box at STL when we set the weekend high score.

There should be, possibly even featuring a working airship. 525 always holds an excellent scrimmage for Iowa teams, and they have a full field going every year.

Team 2081 is ecstatic to come to the Iowa Regional this year. We heard great things from Team 5442. Looks like it is going to be very competitive. Good luck to all the teams!

Team 5690 is looking forward to competing at Iowa this year! This is our first year competing at two regionals and are excited to build of our Finalist finish at the Lake Superior Regional in Week 1.

Looking forward to meeting and competing against some new teams!

Good luck to all!

As the driver from 3528 Up Next!, I’d like to say that the semifinals at the Iowa Regional have been one hell of a ride. After a win for both alliances and multiple ties in a row, we finally ended up after so many matches I lost count, with another tie of 445 with 50 foul points against us. Our alliance’s 2 rotor auto which was successful once before, wasn’t quite fast enough in our last match. I want to give a huge shoutout to 1987 Broncobots and 5809 The Jesubots, for being the most resilient alliance mates I’ve ever seen, and congratulations to teams 5960 SubZero Robotics, fellow KC team 2410 BVC Metal Mustang Robotics, and 4506 PioNerds for their regional win and more impressively, their long delayed win against our alliance in the semifinals. This has been the most fun I’ve ever had in my 4 years as a FIRST student, and I wish the best of luck to all the participating teams at their next regionals and championships.

GP at its finest.