2017 IRI Talent Show

It’s back! We are happy to announce the 2017 IRI Talent Show!

Get your act ready. If you are a member of a competing team, or you are just showing up at the biggest summer social event in the FIRST Community, you can join in.

IRI started having the talent show in 2004. We’ve had yo-yo acts, musical groups, comedians, and even Fish Boy from FRC 1094 in 2007.

Whatever talent you have, bring it. However, we do have a few conditions:

  1. Your act needs to be family friendly, rated G or PG. Young kids and grandmothers will be in the audience.

  2. You must audition, either by sending us a video (youtube links work well) or by showing up at the on-site audition at 1:00 pm in the Lawrence North HS auditorium on the Friday of the event (July 14th).

  3. Your act may be 1 or more people. We have a big stage.

  4. Acts may be students or mentors from participating teams or event volunteers & spectators.

  5. Acts are limited to THREE MINUTES IN LENGTH, unless the Audition Judges determine that a longer time is needed for you to complete the act. We are serious about this. You may be asked to make your act shorter if your audition lasts too long.

  6. Registration: Send an email to “andybaker45 - at - gmail.com“.

  • Your name
  • Your team number
  • Contact email
  • Contact cell phone
  • Name of your act
  • How many microphones are needed?
  • Do you have a video link of a past performance?
  • Briefly describe your act
  • Any special needs (music equipment, etc .)

Your act will need to be reviewed and approved. Please do not assume it will be approved. We have saved some acts from themselves in the past. If you want to be approved, get yourselves organized, practice, and follow the above rules.

Event time: Friday night, 7:00 – 8:30 PM (July 14th)
All acts must audition, be approved and be selected in order to participate. We will be targeting at least 12 but no more than 18 acts.

Event Location: Auditorium at Lawrence North HS

Judging: A panel of judges crown the IRI Talent Show Champion. These judges will be commenting to the crowd during the acts.

Prize: A $100 cash prize will be provided to the judged winner

Good luck!!

Andy Baker

Hey all of you talented folks!

If you want to be in the 2017 IRI talent show, please let me know by one week from today (7/12).

Keep in mind that you don’t have to be a competing team. All FIRSTers are eligible.

Andy Baker

Thanks for letting us know! 1018 is ready to win :cool:

Hey IRI attendees,

We have a great show shaping up, as many talented folks have contacted me with their act information.

If anyone else wants to be a part of the talent show, please contact me -OR- just show up to the IRI Talent Show coordination meeting at 1pm in Lawrence North HS auditorium tomorrow (Friday).

Andy B.

Are there videos for those of us who may have missed some of it?

Yeah, I was wondering, too. I’ve been to IRI twice and I never experienced the talent show myself. I was going to go to Indianapolis this year, but I couldn’t.

Maybe someone from a FRC team who was filming the acts could upload them on YouTube (I hope).

If I was there, maybe I would have enjoyed the talent show. Too bad… :frowning:

Okay, there was one act that was uploaded on YouTube, but I am not going to post the link because I don’t want to ask permission of the video owner.

For anyone that was at the talent show, does anyone know what teams participated? If anyone can post a reply and give me a list, that would be fine.

Thanks in advance!