2017 Midwest Regional

Since there isn’t a Midwest Regional thread in here and it’s happening next week, I figured I’d start one as a place for discussion/predictions. The teams competing are:

16 Bomb Squad
101 Striker
111 WildStang
144 The R.O.C.K
383 Brazilian Machine
1288 RAVEN Robotics
1405 Finney Falcons
1511 Rolling Thunder
1592 Bionic Tigers
1625 Winnovation
1723 The FBI - FIRST Bots of Independence
1736 Robot Casserole
1739 Chicago Knights
1756 Argos
1781 Electric Eagles
1986 Team Titanium
2022 Titan Robotics
2039 Rockford Robotics Inc.
2136 Impossible Mission Force
2151 Monty Pythons
2338 Gear It Forward
2526 Crimson Robotics
2704 Roaring Robotics
2709 Iron Wolves
2725 Ice Princesses
2781 RoboPRIDE
3061 Huskie Robotics
3067 Robovikes
3110 SeaBots
3138 Innovators Robotics
3352 Flaming Monkeys 4-H Robotics Club
3488 RoboEAGLES
3620 Average Joes
3734 Caxys
4096 Ctrl-Z
4213 MetalCow Robotics
4241 Joliet Cyborgs
4284 ScotBot4284
4292 PorterBots
4524 The Memphis MechWarriors
4645 X-Machina
4655 Stateline Robotics
4787 Axiom
4979 DevilStorm Robotics
5125 Hawks on the Horizon
5350 Hope Robotics
5811 BONDS
5822 WolfByte
5847 Ironclad
5934 Crowbotics
6651 Golden Bots

Myself and everyone else on 5822 are very excited to see how this competition goes!

Thanks for starting this thread! 1939 is SUPER excited to be attending the Midwest Regional for the first time ever! We looking forward to seeing some of the powerhouses we have competed with before and making some new friends as well. Looks like an extremely deep field which should make for one of the best regionals of the season in my opinion.

Can’t Wait. See you all soon!

P.S. Anybody know the story about live streaming yet or whether match videos are going to be uploaded to YouTube?

P.P.S. Any tips or tricks for first timers from teams who are Midwest Regional regulars??

The event will be Live Streamed. Exact Details are TBD as far as I know but I am fairly sure there will be a link on https://www.firstillinoisrobotics.org

Lots of wildcards coming in to Midwest:

16 - Winner @ Rock City & Hall of Fame
111 - Hall of Fame
1511 - RCA @ Finger Lakes
1939 - EI @ St Louis
2451 - Winner @ Miami Valley
4241 - Wildcard @ Central IL
5847 - Wildcard @ Central IL


Too many friends competing at this event! I don’t know who to root for! :eek:

I’ll be at Midwest for my first visit since 2009! My team (3620 Average Joes, est. 2011) will be making our first pre-CMP foray outside the Mitten State.

I have a few questions:

For Team 16 – How many Novaks will be attending? Can the Bomb Squad get the boiler up? Why do your swerve modules appear to be on fire; couldn’t you find any suitably rated motors?

For Team 1986 – can the boiler’s FUEL counter keep up with your robot’s insane shot rate? Why did the GDC grossly under-value FUEL; i.e., how is it that you busted the boiler seven times in quals, and STILL seeded 2nd?

For Team 2451 – why are there (almost) no videos from Miami Valley on TBA? What secrets are you trying to hide from the scouts?

Extended length YouTube videos from the Miami Valley webcast are on YouTube - just not parsed. I’ve got the timestamped links from all of our elimination (Playoff? Whatever.) rounds. If you ask me nicely, I might PM them to you. :slight_smile:

Don’t count on getting one. They only hand them out to the three finalist alliance teams. At Rocket City this past weekend we counted about five wild cards that should have been generated but only two were given out.

How would you decide which semifinalists would get the extra wildcards anyway? Definitely not “the semifinalist who lost to the eventual winners”.

It is the first time in a long time I won’t be at Midwest. This year is one I wish I wasn’t missing.

I think you misunderstand the wildcard system.

Only 2 wildcard spots were generated at Rocket City (By 180 if anyone is curious). So I would be interested for you to explain the extra 3 spots you are convinced exist.

For Team 1986[/quote]

– can the boiler’s FUEL counter keep up with your robot’s insane shot rate? Why did the GDC grossly under-value FUEL; i.e., how is it that you busted the boiler seven times in quals, and STILL seeded 2nd?

So we shoot around 7 balls per second and the boiler counts at around five balls per second, so although it might not count a full forty balls in auto (although it did several times at GKC), by the time it finishes counting all of our balls, it usually ends up over 40kPa. And as for how undervalued it is, we’ll see. With more and more 4 rotor alliances, being able to pick up extra points after rotors will be more and more important.

Yeah. I’m sorry I was wrong.

Our team is extremely excited to come over and compete with everyone in Chicago. First time stepping out of Michigan other than IRI last year. Looking forward to making some new friends.

Does anyone know if Midwest streams Thursdays?

Team 1511 is incredibly excited to make our first trip out to Chicago and get the chance to play with some absolutely stellar teams that we usually don’t get to see until Championships. Stop by and say hello!

add 1288 to that list: Finalist wildcard at St. Louis

Not actually true there should have been 3 wildcard spots generated there was only 2.

180 previously won Orlando, wins Rocket City- Wildcard
180 previously won Orlando, wins Engineering Inspiration- Wildcard
Every regional this year has 1 automatic Wildcard- Wildcard

So the whole finalist alliance would have been able to qualify for champs, this happened anyway because 1319 had already won Palmetto, so the last wildcard went unfilled.

Of course. They are only distributed to the finalist alliance (those who have not already qualified for Champs)… or they will go unused.

Safe travels to all the teams heading to Chicago.

This is the point I was trying to make. I guess i did not communicate my point clearly enough. If there are left over wildcards they don’t start handing them out to semifinalist teams.