2017 Montreal Event

For its 6th edition, the Montreal regional “Festival de robotique” is moving to a new, larger and easier venue: Complexe sportif Claude-Robillard, still on Montreal island.

The event will take place on March 22d-25th 2017.

At the moment, 50 FRC teams are expected.
FLL and JrFLL program teams will be showcased (their own event taking place on other sites/dates for now on). More space provided to sponsors and university reps. Free parking.

Pits will now be separated from the playing area.

Montreal Regional : where robotics rhymes with fun !
Please, come visit La Belle Province

If the dates ever work out, we would love to attend this regional.

Volunteers and teams would love for your team to attend!

Having volunteered in Montreal last season, I can definitely attest to it being a great event, run by some fantastic volunteers. They were all friendly, and totally willing to work with those of us who were volunteering and only spoke English. By the end of the event, they had welcomed me in so much, that often some of the other volunteers would forget I only spoke English and would just start speaking to me in French. It was an amazing experience, and totally recommend anyone from the states or other parts of Canada attend if you have the opportunity!

Just a side question (this is the offseason after all) - is there a Quebec French word meaning “fun” that rhymes with “robotique”?

Google Translating “fun” into French gives:


le amusement
fun, amusement, diversion

la rigolade
fun, joke, lark, caper

la plaisanterie
joke, jest, pleasantry, joking, kidding, fun


joke, jest, fun, banter, tease, make fun

banter, dally, fun

The Wikipedia article on Quebec French lexicon says that “le fun” and “amusant” are other possible words. However, none of them seem to rhyme with “robotique”…

The only word in french I can see, would be : euphorique

Likewise! There are a couple of teams in Quebec that would consider going to Hawaii if the regional fell during March break. Would be a good recruiting tool too :slight_smile: