2017 Mountain Regionals

As there have been other threads made about regionals in an area, I thought I’d make one for the Mountain Region. Here’s what we have.

  1. Arizona North Regional (Week 2)
  2. Utah Regional (Week 2)
  3. Colorado Regional (Week 4)
  4. Idaho Regional (Week 5)
  5. Western Canada Regional (Week 6)
  6. Arizona West Regional (Week 6)
  7. Las Vegas Regional (Week 6)

Same regionals, different weeks. Mountain teams have been getting stronger over these last few years, and I look forward to seeing what these events offer this year. What do you all hope to see from these regionals?

Mainly, I’m hoping to see some cliff-hanger matches. Although some teams will trail behind the rest, others will reach the peak of their performance this year. Teams will certainly have a steep slope to climb if they want to be successful. There snow way that any other region will be as competitive as the mountain region.

Summit all up, and it looks like this will be a great year for mountain teams!