2017 NC District

I just realized that we don’t have a thread to get ready for 2017 NC District. The events are:

March 3-5: Pitt County
March 9-11: Greensboro
March 17-19: UNC Asheville
March 23-25: Raleigh
March 31-Apr 2: State Championship

We will be sending 15 teams to Houston. :smiley: What are some things you are excited for this year?

Probably most excited about sending 15 to Houston :smiley: The more of us that get the experience, the more motivated those teams will become.
Not excited about bus prices to Houston though. Currently looking significantly more expensive than St. Louis was…

The bus ride from Hillsborough to Houston was not fun in 2003. We keep adding NC teams to the list on Einstein but we have only ever had three teams ever make it and only one Einstein winner (435 in 2004).

I feel like that is going to change with the recent switch to district models because I feel like our robot teams are way more competitive once they reach Champs. This is going to be a stellar year for NC.

3506 team wants to add our name to the growling list of 435, 900, and 4828 who have made it all the way to the big show.