2017 Pacific Northwest District Championship

Since thats underway its a great time to start this thread!

4513 is thrilled to be coming back to DCMP, playing with Some of the best teams from Washington and Oregon in Cheney, WA!

Some stats:

  • 22 Oregon Teams
  • 44 Washington Teams
  • 7 teams from Eastern WA
  • 3 Teams from Eastern/Central Oregon
  • Out of last years top 10 PNW Teams 3 failed to qualify for DCMP
  • 3 Rookie teams qualified for DCMP

I have a ton of shirts id love to trade also. I have everything from S-4XL so im able to trade with just about everyone.

Although I won’t be there personally until Friday night, I am very excited for the competition. Good luck to all teams competing!

I know the Squirrels are hyped. We just finished loading up the trailer and are all set and ready to rumble. Hopefully everyone has a safe trip and good luck!

As our pilot Andrew said, the Sonic Squirrels are excited for the trip to Cheney! We had a lot of fun last time we were there, and we are really excited to see the Eastern Washington, Southern Washington, and Oregon teams. The scouts on our team have had a great time watching all of the district events on the streams and archived video, and can’t wait to see all of these teams in person.

Here is the list of teams:

488	Team XBot
492	Titan Robotics Club
753	High Desert Droids
948	NRG (Newport Robotics Group)
955	CV Robotics
997	Spartan Robotics
1294	Top Gun
1318	Issaquah Robotics Society
1425	Error Code Xero
1540	Flaming Chickens
1595	The Dragons
1778	Chill Out
2046	Bear Metal
2147	CHUCK
2374	Crusader Bots
2471	Team Mean Machine
2521	SERT
2550	Skynet
2557	SOTAbots
2811	StormBots
2907	Lion Robotics
2910	Jack in the Bot
2928	Viking Robotics
2930	Sonic Squirrels
2980	The Whidbey Island Wild Cats
2990	Hotwire
3024	My Favorite Team
3070	Team Pronto
3219	TREAD
3223	Robotics Of Central Kitsap
3238	Cyborg Ferrets
3393	Horns of Havoc
3663	CPR - Cedar Park Robotics
3674	4-H Clover Bots
3693	GearHead Pirates
3711	Iron Mustang
4061	SciBorgs
4125	Confidential
4131	Iron Patriots
4173	Bulldogs
4450	Olympia Robotics Federation
4469	R.A.I.D. (Raider Artificial Intelligence Division)
4488	Shockwave
4495	Kittitas County Robotics/ Team Haywire
4513	Circuit Breakers
4662	Byte Sized Robotics
4911	CyberKnights
4915	Spartronics
4918	The Roboctopi
5085	LakerBots
5198	Knight Tech
5295	Aldernating Current
5450	St. Helens Robotics and Engineering Club (SHREC)
5468	Chaos Theory
5588	Holy Names Academy
5803	Apex Robotics
5827	Code Purple
5920	VIKotics
5970	BeaverTronics
5975	Beta Blues
6343	Steel Ridge Robotics
6350	The Enumclaw Hornets
6445	CTEC Robotics

5937 and 2148 have unfortunately declined invitations to PNW Champs this year - Much congratulations on qualifying and we hope to see you at PNW Champs next year and for many years after. Their spots have been taken by 4131 The Iron Patriots and 488 Team XBot. 4131 looked great at Auburn, captaining the #4 alliance all the way to the finals. And please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Team XBot is the only team in the Pacific Northwest that has gotten to 40 kPa all by themselves. These teams will be great additions to an already stacked event.

At last year’s DCMP, there was a complete separate practice field in the pits which alternated between practice matches and tethered testing/calibration sessions for the entire duration of the event. This was completely and utterly awesome, and our thanks go out to all of the volunteers who helped set it up and run the show. Does anybody know if there will be anything like that this year?

They may be the only one currently, but i know a couple teams (4918) are gunning for it.

Yes! Team 2147 CHUCK will be setting up the practice field Wednesday. It is an official FIRSTWA competition field and will be staffed by FTAs. We are looking forward to using it to test out a few new auto routines. Gotta love the PNW District👍

Thanks so much! We are looking forward to using it as well.

Team 3674 is going to be returning to Cheney, and we are excited! It’s going to be a great competition, and we are excited to see some teams that we don’t compete with/against during our district events. We’re also excited to see both returnees and newcomers to PNW District Champs. See you all tomorrow!

Thank you so much for doing this! Having access to a full-scale practice field was incredibly useful last year, and I know it will be this year too. :slight_smile:

Oh yes. We got it multiple times with help but we’re still chasing it and will be trying some key improvements to get there.

We (4918) are bummed that our awesome alliance partner 5937 won’t be travelling to DCMP. We had them on our radar specifically for a super reliable climb and gear handling ability that we (deliberately) lack.

On the other hand, I am happy that 488 will be making the trip. We had a ton of fun programming that synchronized auto in QM65. The combined shooting put up 40kpa so quickly that our driver panicked and thought he was a gearbot for a second there :stuck_out_tongue:

Team 4488 is hyped! Personally, I can’t wait to see so many robots and teams that I admire. We never get enough chances to play with our Washington friends! Can’t wait for tomorrow :smiley:

2910 is hyped to return. We’re packed and ready for a good long bus ride tomorrow. Can’t wait to see the competition again.

Team 1425 is looking forward to some great matches with some great teams. We can’t wait to see how the competition unfolds

Wish I could make it this year – have fun guys <3

I had a fantastic time at this event! I’m very proud of 2471 Team Mean Machine for taking home a winner banner. Big thanks to our alliance partners 2046 Bear Metal and 1595 Dragons.

It felt completely different than the last time this event was in Cheney, and for the better. The full regulation practice field, the opening ceremonies, the field lighting, the double game announcer/commentary desk, and the high quality videogroghy were all amazing. They really helped the event convey a larger portion of the “Championship experience.”

Here is the amazing event highlight video created by Griffin Coxen and the amazing AV crew!

Bonus Easter egg attached. I heard a rumor that it was set up by some Mean Machine students, but I’m not sure.

Congrats to Mean Machine, Bear Metal and The Dragons on winning. You guys formed an amazing alliance. I did find the final score of the final match rather interesting. The number 2 alliance scores 471 to win. 2 471 :wink: