2017 Palmetto Regional

Palmetto 2017 is going to be HYPE. I’m going to inspecting robots at this year’s event so I’m sure I’ll be seeing many of you in the pits.

We’ve got visitors from Hawaii this year and some of the returning favorites from TN, NJ, and last season’s World Champions from Cleveland. It’s bound to be as usual one of the most exciting Week 1 events come elimination time.

I’ve returned home to Aiken to work with 1102 again after getting offered a full time Engineering job in Augusta, GA…Aiken’s neighbor city, and we’re off to a good start. We practically have our robot finished already which to some people might not be that much of a feat, but for 1102… it is a huge one. Aiken teams have had great success with whiffle ball related shenanigans and this year’s compeitition should be fun for us.

I’ll post a robot teaser here later this week just to help build the hype.

How’s it going with your team?

Here’s the reveal thread for 1102’s robot.

In case you didn’t know and wanted to find out who will be at Palmetto…


Blue Alliance says that 359, 3824, and 283 won. Is there a mistake in scoring? It has been a wonky day for that. Palmetto Regional (2017) - The Blue Alliance

That’s what the official results site says as well. Palmetto Regional FRC Event Web : Playoff Matches (Not that TBA should be different, since they get results from the FRC API.)

Then when you click on one of the teams for the alliance that TBA says lost it shows a blue banner for those 3 teams that says 2017 Palmetto regional. This has been quite a day.

3824, 359, 1319 and 6366 won the Regional after a much delayed eliminations. We can’t thank them enough for being great partners. It was so much fun playing together!

Congrats to all teams who competed. This event was very competitive and had some intense matches.

And huge shoutout to the volunteers who dealt with field and schedule delays!