2017 Programming Language Survey

It looks like the last survey on programming languages was in 2013. Just wanted to get an updated read on the current status in FRC.

Should note that we used java for everything except our vision algorithms, that were written in python. (But they didn’t make it to competition last year)

I feel it prudent to mention that a poll on Chief Delphi doesn’t necessarily reflect the population of Chief Delphi, and the population of Chief Delphi definitely doesn’t represent all of FRC. After the 2016 season, HQ released a whole lot of information collected by the FMS over the course of the season. Hopefully they do the same for this season.

Thank you. This is a great data set.

Voted other, Kotlin for the win! It’s a JVM language with 100% java interoperability, top-notch concurrency, and a lot of little things that makes code a lot more concise and quicker to write. Also, no null pointers, which is always a plus.

From the spreadsheet:

1526 Java
1116 LabVIEW
435 C++
33 Python

Is that right?

Also from the 2016 Spreadsheet:
1 C# (Didn’t know this option existed)
3 Unknown

I have also graphed Percentage of Language Usage by Language by Rookie Year. Interestingly, in the 2016 season, Java was the most used language by teams of every Rookie Year except for 2012. Which also happens to be the rookie year of my team, which uses Java.

You’re right, I found it…

C#? How?


C++		435	13.97%
Java		1526	49.00%
LabVIEW		1116	35.84%
Python		33	1.06%
C#		1	0.03%
Unknown		3	0.10%

Also voted other, we left Labview and went straight to Kotlin last year. We’re currently playing with a domain-specific language written in Kotlin.

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Ok, so i’m not on a team this year (hope to be come pre-season) but currently about to start a project with SQL, PHP, and Ruby.
Two of which i’m competent in :wink:

My team from highschool uses C++

You should all add yourselves to the FIRST Wiki Code Directory