2017 ROBO-CON Festival of Robotics & STEM Learning

Hi everyone, we’re inviting Michigan teams to join us July 22 for our fourth annual ROBO-CON Festival. We’ll have 20 teams competing in exhibition matches, and the public will be driving robots at all levels (teams may wish to bring a practice bot for this).

This is a great way for students to share the fun of robotics and hands-on STEM learning with others across Michigan! It is FREE, both for teams and for the public, and it’s so much fun. This year there will be team awards and (yay!), T-shirts for volunteers. RoboZone will be coming out too, plus a Michigan State Police Bomb Squad Robot, and more! Bring the family!

We’ll be posting event updates on the ROBO-CON Facebook page; team signup and updates are on the website. Thanks and we look forward to seeing you there!

Hi, here are some ROBO-CON updates:

If you’ve never been to ROBO-CON, this happens July 22 (10-4) at Lapeer West CFI, 170 Millville Rd., Lapeer.

It is free for teams and the public. You play in exhibition matches and help others learn to drive your robot in blocks of time between matches. You also get some free field practice time.

We have FRC, FTC, and FLL fields set up, plus the new VEX EDR and VEX IQ. Because robotics is part of a festival, there are also lots of great hands-on STEM activities going on.

This has been a grass-roots effort to grow the festival but it really started taking off last year. The great thing is people come out, then they want to build some sort of activity too. Our awesome FTA is working with a group of interns on a couple activities; another fantastic Dozer-builder is creating a bike-powered slot car racing track, and a Microsoft U.S. educator volunteered to run an activity building a sensorized finger. Plus there’s lots of Snap Circuits, the State Police Bomb Squad robot, circuit activities, SCRATCH coding, a full-size Lost in Space B9 robot and plenty of classic toy robots, food, music, prize giveaways and more.

This is such a great opportunity for teams to practice drivers, and encourage your students to share their love for robotics with the public. There are about 4 spots out of 20 still open; sign up at www.MiRoboCon.com. Bring your family–there’s plenty for everyone to do!

We also need lots of volunteers; you get a free shirt if you sign up before noon on July 5–if it’s too late to get your team to come out, sign up and join us! We’ll also feed you. : ) Sign up at www.MiRoboCon.com.

Hope the Hammerheads don’t mind but I just love the photo they shared with us last year–where they’re teaching young students to drive on the big field. Kids earned their ROBO Driver’s license this way. Be part of the fun this year!