2017 Robot Reveal - Reset Robotics - FRC Team #6325

Here is Reset Robotics’ 2017 Robot, Morpheus:

Watch the full reveal video here: https://youtu.be/AVM5_6sLMMI

Reset Robotics is rookie team #6325. They will be competing at the PCH District Gainsville Event and the PCH District Columbus Event.

Looking amazing!! Clean and slick

Wow! Really solid robot from a first-year team (or any team for that matter). This just goes to show that the PCH district is on the rise! I look forward to competing with you guys next weekend in Gainesville and Good luck!

Is that a Jetson I see? Looking forward to seeing it in person at Gainesville!

Thanks! We are very happy with the design.

Thanks! Our goal was to stand out from other first-year teams. I definitely agree that the PCH district is on the rise. See you next weekend!

Yes it is! We have a couple cool pieces of tech on our robot. Stop by our pit next weekend and you can take a look.

Rookie All-Star right here! Peachtree is really improving.


Looking good, Reset Robotics! Can’t wait to see the bot in action at Gainesville next weekend!

Thanks! We can’t wait to see you there!

Here is a picture of all of the custom parts on our robot.

Good choice of robot name!

Thanks! Good choice of team name!