2017 RobotDotNet Available

With the 2017 season now here, we’re ready to announce the 2017 release of RobotDotNet for the 2017 season. We have integrated all the new changes that WPILib has added for the 2017 season, including:

  • WPILib itself
  • The new CameraServer library
  • OpenCV
  • NetworkTables
  • CANTalon now in a separate library

Just like last year, we have a Visual Studio extension that makes this easy to run on the roboRIO with just a few button clicks.

In addition, our documentation website has been completely rebuilt from the ground up, and can be found at https://robotdotnet.github.io/. All of the API documentation for all projects can be found there, in addition to tutorials on how to get starting writing code. Some of the tutorials are still a work in progress, but hoping to get them done soon (especially the coolest OpenCV tutorial for running easily on coprocessors).

Thanks to everyone who helped with this release, especially @jkoritzinsky.

One thing to note is that there was a low level HAL rewrite this summer. This means there are cases where there is significantly less CPU usage, however it does mean that the simulator support has been suspended. However, this is just a small step, as simulator support because of this will be even better in future years, it just needs some time. Also because of this, there might be some edge case issues, so if you find any please report them to our issue tracker.

The first patch has been pushed for the season. Included are some major updates to the CameraServer, including property publishing to NetworkTables, and the new web ui for mjpeg streams. Also pushed is a fairly major update to the extension, with some better error messages, and much improved deploy speed.

If you had allowed automatic updates on the extension, it should automatically update. If not, go into the VS gallery and update it. To get the newest WPILib, download the newest release from NuGet.

Can you debug from 2015/17? Set break points and monitor variables? I tried debug from the menu but didn’t seem to work