2017 SBPLI Long Island Regional

Didn’t see a thread yet, so decided to make one.

Nobody has a pit map yet, right? And if they do please share - I haven’t seen anything.

As always if you need anything please feel free to reach out to me. As many of the teams there, we live close by and would love to help out anyone. Though the only international team seems to be 1156, but they’re basically part of Long Island and SBPLI now haha.

Our team is (as always) really excited about Long Island Regional. We feel like home in Hofstra.

5254 would like to thank 1796 for declining 263 to be able to select us in the alliance selections. It’s a downright shame that 1796 hasn’t qualified for the championship considering how excellent their robot is.

Extremely well played to the alliance that took us out- 4567, 5016, and 514. I was upset to see you lose in semifinals on something as silly as a pilot’s hand reaching out past the airship slightly.

Congratulations to the champions- 263, 1156, and 329. Also congratulations to the Chairmans Award winners- 2869. Our scouts worked with you all weekend long and you’re a class act.

Good luck to all who qualified for the half-champs!

Thanks Kevin! We’ll make sure our scouts don’t randomly disappear to get Chipotle during Quals next time :smiley: .

Check out here to see when TEAMs 870, 263 and 496*** broke a world record*** at SBPLI!!:smiley:

While it’s great to get a win and I have lots of respect for 870, 250 Foul Points added to your score really does definitely help in getting to that 555.

More impressive to me is this match with a score of 509 without ANY help from foul points.

Kudos to teams 4990, 254 & 604

And then there’s this… :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for the mentions. We had a great time at hofstra, SBPLI has an amazing FIRST community.

Congratulations 2869 on the RCA and 5016 on the EI!

We can’t believe that St. Louis won’t have 1796, they have the best robot in SBPLI (as 2016, in my opinion).
Don’t know how seeds #1, #2 and #3 let the scarying alliance of 1796 and 5254 happens haha, they were the top 2 in more then one scouting for sure. Congratulations to 5016, 4567 and 514 for their great play in quarters and semis.

One thing to note is how hard is to seed high by itself in this game. 527 played really well during all qualifications but had no luck at all, I was sure that they would play some good matches afternoon, feel bad for the issues in the final.

Thanks to 263 for picking us after that 2 declines, it’s always nice to work with you. Congrats on the 3-year regional winner sequence.
And last, but not least our huge thanks to 329. For the third time in 5 years we could work together in the playoffs, all your help and colaboration is inspiring. Hope to see you soon :wink:

Unfortunatelly, Brazilian Teams go to Houston and we won’t be able to meet all the NY friends in Worlds, but we will be cheering for all friends that will be there.