2017 Scouting Revisited

Now that week 1 has passed, and teams have begun scouting Steamworks, I thought it would be a good idea to revisit the topic of scouting. There are many difficulties in scouting the game this year, so this is intended to help everyone see what worked and what didn’t for the teams that have already competed. Here are my questions:

  1. How did your team choose to scout fuel? Did your method work well?

  2. How was visibility for scouting? Were there certain angles that gave you the best view of the field? Did you have to split up your scouting team to watch at different angles?

  3. What areas did you find most valuable to know when deciding on picks or match strategy?

  4. What do you plan to change after week 1 with your scouting?

Any additional comments are welcome!

  1. Yes we did scout fuel, we went with a ‘groups of 5 fuel’ approach. Fuel was not a factor at NL, it didn’t decide a single match.

  2. We split the red and blue scouts about 45 degrees from the field midline on each side. Visibility was fine from here, the middle sucked.

  3. First, the ability to finish off rotors (with an extra gear or two if possible), then climbing ability (speed/consistency), finally defensive prowess. Like I said fuel never decided a match in NL.

  4. Fuel accuracy is a pointless stat for us, at least at week 1. We will be looking at movement patterns and the speeds/number of cycles. Fuel accuracy may be revisited for #2champs. Also, human errors are difficult to track as it could be an alliance partner causing the error to another alliance bot (not team exclusive).

  5. We had to drop yellow-card considerations after the Sh!t-show that was Friday 18/60 teams had the blasted things.

Skye Leake