2017 Silicon Valley Regional

Haven’t seen this thread yet and we are less than a week away.

Teams competing at the 17th Silicon Valley Regional:
8 Paly Robotics
100 The WildHats
114 Eagle Strike Regional Winners at Ventura]
115 MVRT Regional Winners at Arizona North]
192 GRT Regional Winners at Arizona North]
199 Deep Blue Wildcard at Sacramento]
253 Mills Robotics Team
254 The Cheesy Poofs Regional Winners at San Francisco and Hall of Fame]
256 Robo-Rams
299 Valkyrie Robotics
581 Blazing Bulldogs
604 Quixilver Wildcard at San Francisco]
668 The Apes of Wrath
670 Homestead Robotics
751 barn2robotics
766 M-A Bears
841 The BioMechs
846 The Funky Monkeys
852 The Athenian Robotics Collective
971 Spartan Robotics Regional Winners at San Francisco]
972 Iron Claw
1280 Ragin’ C- Biscuits of San Ramon Valley High
1351 TKO
1868 Space Cookies Regional Chairman’s Award at Central Valley]
1967 The Janksters
2035 Robo Rockin’ Bots
2135 Presentation Invasion Regional Winners at Central Valley]
2367 Lancer Robotics
2468 Team Appreciate Regional Winners and Chairman’s Award at Dallas and 2016 EI]
2473 Goldstrikers
2489 The Insomniacs
2643 Dark Matter
2813 Gear Heads
3482 Arrowbotics
4159 CardinalBotics
4171 BayBots
4186 Alameda Aztechs
4255 RoboDores
4904 Bot-Provoking
4990 Gryphon Robotics Regional Winners at San Francisco]
5026 Iron Panthers
5027 Event Horizon
5104 BreakerBots Wildcard at Central Valley]
5171 Deus Ex Machina
5677 The Subatomic Smarticles
5728 CCybernetics
5737 Mars Style
5773 YAFL Mechatronics
5905 RoboCorps
5924 The Cat Machine
5940 B.R.E.A.D.
6036 Peninsula Robotics
6039 Cypress Circuits
6059 System Overload Robotics
6380 Orion
6410 Supreme Eagles
6418 The Missfits
6619 GravitechX
6665 Nuns and Bolts
6688 West Valley Middle College Robotics Team

This is bound to be an exciting event:
60 teams total are competing
2 teams from Turkey, 1 from China, 1 from Texas, and 56 from California
6 teams are rookies and 8 teams have been playing since the 20th century
12 teams are already qualified for 2017 Championships and 3 teams have Championship titles to their name (100, 254, 971)
8 teams have won RCA at least once before (115, 192, 254, 604, 668, 1868, 2035, 2468)

Looking like this regional will be a high scoring, dynamic event.

See you all there!

After Sacramento, there’s a lot of enthusiasm on 199 for SVR! Can’t wait to see what new functionality everyone unveils. I think everyone is expecting to see some very competitive matches play out. Good luck to everyone attending.

1072 is not attending SVR, but I will be! This is shaping up to be an incredibly wildcard-heavy and high-performing event!

Hoping for a 2 rotor auto.


MVRT 115 will be competing at the Silicon Valley Regional this weekend and is need of a 3:1 Versaplanetary gear kit. They are currently out of stock for the season on VEX. Does anyone have 1 or 2 kits that they wouldn’t mind letting us use? Any help is appreciated!

I messaged you but in case you didn’t get it, we have one we’re happy to give to you. Just come by our pit at any point and ask for me, I’ll have it.

Thank you!

Contact 192 today. If they have a spare they can bring it or you can get it from their shop.

Competing along side 199 into the Finals at Sacramento was pleasure.
Make your bumpers rock solid, and you will go far at SVR. Good luck 199!!

Oh god, that was one hell of a climb.

Also looking forward to SVR this week.

On behalf of the Pit Announcer and Admin crew can I ask that everyone remembers to mark anything that may leave your pit. Especially anything that you are kind enough to lend to another team and want back. It is not a great situation when you have someone standing there with an expensive tool in their hand telling you that they have no idea who lent it to them and you are half way through the load out.

Bring sharpies and blue tape and put numbers on things. If you are borrowing something make sure the other team’s number is on it. Remember to number your spare batteries that you take to the field. We had quite a collection going at SFR.

Looking forward to a enjoyable regional this weekend.

We’ve got some new gear cups (ones that don’t bend!), new power conveyance for the intake (no more snapped polycord!) and a nice hearty helping of cheesecake. See you all there - gonna be a fun one!

4 rotors on red and 40 kPa on blue in practice match 22: (i.imgur.com/pFjMVah.jpg)

SVR was an awesome event and it shows how strong Northern California has become over the years.

We were honored to be on the 3rd seeded alliance, with team 2473 and team 8, that made it all the way to the finals.

Congratulations to 254, 604, and 4990 for winning the whole event.

Also congrats to 971 for a well deserved Chairman’s Award win.

114 had a blast at Silicon Valley.

Thanks to our eliminations alliance, 751 and 2468. You guys are amazing, and having you on our side of the glass was an honor.

Unfortunately our Roborio had some odd issues, so it’ll be going into NI for RMA. We’ll see everyone at Champs in Houston!

Firstly, congratulations to all the teams that made it to eliminations and performed well. SVR this year was really tough. 971 - congrats on the Chairman’s win - I know that’s been a long time coming. And another huge congratulations to Wyn for the WFFA. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of that award.

Unfortunately, a rather underwhelming performance has drawn our 2017 season to a close. This event was the first time we’ve experienced the perfect storm of freak mechanical failures, electrical issues, user error, and a really tough schedule. However, I’m still proud of what we were able to accomplish this season.

I’d like to thank a few people specifically for helping us out. Greg from NI and 2468 was a HUGE help whenever we had issues control system wise. Like seriously - he spent a few hours total with us throughout the weekend and even had us drive our robot into him to diagnose a brownout issue. One of his fellow 2468 mentors Scott was extremely helpful as well - also assisting whenever we had issues. Laura (the other CSA) also was incredibly helpful (like usual) and without those three we would have had an even worse time this weekend.

Now, we’ve got the next few months to reflect and improve on our robot and perhaps experiment with some new things (the idea right now includes but isn’t limited to a robot that can go sideways :]). Hopefully we can iron out the issues and build on our success this season.

Here’s hoping we’ll see some familiar faces and teams at Chezy Champs and beyond this offseason!


Sad to see 3 wild cards burned at this event.

Me too :frowning:

Firstly congratulation to 254, 604, and 4990 for the win.

Is anyone missing anything this morning? Jackets, shoes, bags, water bottles, soldering stations, cables, chargers and assorted tools are all in the flight case heading to Vegas along with unclaimed stuff from two other regionals (one of which was San Francisco) are now on their way to Las Vegas.

To anyone attending any FRC event at the end of the event check you have everything you came with. Also please mark stuff that you bring to competitions. Given some of the stuff that came through the Lost and Found at SVR this year I actually think the reason we put numbers on the bumpers is so you do not lose the robots. After all we had a teams mascot for 2 days as well as team flags left at the end of the competition!