2017 Team Update 17


Main Updates:

  • (Some) new types of springs and points.
  • Davit fingers are 1" apart, not 1.25".
  • Davit retaining pins are not designed to hold the weight of a robot, and attaching to them is not engaging securely with the field.
  • Don’t put gears in Boilers!
  • Minor text fixes.

No changes to the spring or even peg design… Unfortunate.

Golly gee whiz… I wonder why it is they are letting teams do this now:

The roboRIO Ethernet port must be connected to the Wireless Bridge port labeled “18-24V POE,” closest to the power connector (either directly, via a switch, or via a CAT5 Ethernet pigtail).

Hmm yeah, I wonder…

I don’t know what the competition firmware did to our network setup, but it was the cause of many many headaches in our pit…

I got to know, who put a gear in the boiler and caused this update?

PSA: switch to the 2016 radio. The 2017 radios have issues. Also, ignore the incorrect info on WPI screensteps about using class C subnet masks. Use class A instead…

Remember kids, CD is not a place for official information for FRC.

Maybe someone wanted to know if it would blend.

4613 put one in the boiler in their reveal video.

Here is the video:

Really happy they are allowing connection via switch. Now we can have our Odroids send data packets directly to the roborio instead of going through the weird radio port. Was having some weird issues this past weekend but we never have issues when we use a switch.

Anyone else have experience with the century e-41 spring?