2017 Texas Robot Roundup

Greetings FRC Teams!

On behalf of the Texas Robot Roundup Planning Committee (including but not limited to FRC 2158, FRC 2881, FRC 3999, and FRC 6357) I’m pleased to announce that the 7th Annual Texas Robot Roundup is happening in Austin, TX this July!

Event details:
Who: Texas Robot Roundup
What: Off Season SteamWorks FRC competition
When: Friday/Saturday July 28th/29th
Where: Vandegrift High School | 9500 McNeil Dr, Austin, TX 78750

Fee: $250.00
Make checks payable to: ausTIN CANs Supporters
Address will be provided in response to your registration request.

Contact: [email protected]

Rules changes to be announced by Friday June 2.

Space is limited so please register now!

3999 will be there. We are looking forward to a great event in the new venue.

Do we have a team list yet?

Additionally, I saw the rule changes were supposed to be posted on June 2nd - is there a thread somewhere that has these details?

Any updates on TRR 2017? Team list? 456 has signed up and are eagerly awaiting more info.

Any details on schedule for Friday ?

Given the lack of a published team list can we start one here and teams that are signed up post here.

456 is signed up. Waiting on instructions on where to send the $250 check…

3735 VorTX will be there.

This is what I got …

General Schedule
Friday Morning: Practice Matches (Optional)
Friday Afternoon: Qualification Matches
Saturday: Opening Ceremonies, Qualification Matches, Eliminations, & Award Ceremonies
(Full Schedule - including Special Tournaments & Events, Presentations/Workshops - TBA)

Vandergrift High School, 9500 McNeil Dr, Austin, TX 78750

COST: $250

Sent payment to …

Supporters of the ausTIN CANs:
8127 Mesa Drive
Suite B206-254
Austin, TX 78759

so of course 1296 will be there!

Spectrum will be there and we are helping with the AV for the event so we’re coming in early Thursday to get it all setup and help with the field.

5431 Titans from Plano,TX are signed up and ready to play!

Looking forward to another great event.

6377 Howdy Bots will be there!

TRR is now on TBA


Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the delays, but here is the much awaited information you have been requesting.

[FONT=“Arial”]First, the schedule:[/FONT]
TEAMS: Please arrive by 11:30am on Friday July 28!
**Thursday July 27th **
Field Setup and Possible Team Load In (details TBD)
**Friday July 28th **
9am Team Load In
10am-11:30am Team Load In/Pit Set Up/Practice Matches
11:30-12:30 Lunch
12:30 Opening Ceremonies
1:00 Qualification Matches begin
5:30 Qualification Matches end
6:00pm Pits Close
6:00pm Team Social at the Venue, details to be provided
Saturday July 29th
7am Pits Open
8am-11:30am Qualification Matches continue
11:30am Alliance Selection
12n-1p Lunch
1pm Elimination Matches begin
5:30pm Awards
6:00pm Pits close & field take down begins

[FONT=“Arial”]Next, there are three rules changes:[/FONT]
Rule Change #1: Change S07 Violation to read: For S07C: first offense above the deck of the airship results in a warning. For repeated S07C violations, S07C violations below the deck of the airship, and any S07A,B,D violation: YELLOW CARD.

Discussion on Rule Change #1: As we expect teams may use inexperienced pilots at TRR, this amounts to a warning on the first S07C violation rather than an immediate yellow card. We of course need to provide this warning, so multiple S07C violations in the match where the first violation occurs will not result in a yellow card.

Rule Change #2: Change G13 to read: A ROBOT with any part inside its opponent’s RETRIEVAL ZONE may not contact an opposing ROBOT also inside the opposing ROBOT’s retrieval zone, with the contact initiating in the opposing ROBOT’s retrieval zone, regardless of who initiates the contact.
Discussion on Rule Change #2: **This modifies the penalty for contact at the retrieval zone to require all three elements: Robot A must have some part of the robot in their alliance’s retrieval zone, Robot B must have some part of their robot in their opponent alliance’s retrieval zone, and the contact between Robot A and Robot B must initiate in the retrieval zone. The intent here is to limit penalties due to incidental contact by passing robots. Do not attempt to abuse this rule change. Keep in mind that other rules like pinning or blockading the field to stop game play still apply. While it would be possible to position an alliance’s robots to block access to/from their opponent’s retrieval zone in a way that does not violate this changed G13, we will consider blocking all possible entry/exit to/from the retrieval zone to be blockading the field.

Rule Change #3: No reserve gear will be provided in the airship.

**Discussion on Rule Change #3: **After a full season of FIRST Steamworks, we expect teams to be able to coordinate well enough to not need the reserve gear.

[FONT=“Arial”]Finally, the current registered team list:[/FONT]**
6800 - Vandegrift High School Pre Rookie

If you wish to register for TRR, registration is still open. Please register here: https://goo.gl/forms/ntGnD36bbNN9SvN13

You may note there are 23 teams currently registered. If we have fewer than 24 teams registered on July 14, we will distribute our plans for the elimination tournament with the reduced team count.

Please also note that at 24 teams with 8 hours of qualification matches,*** we are expecting to have 12 matches per team.***

Again, we apologize for the delays on this information. Finding a suitable venue took time, and as a result we are admittedly a bit behind on keeping you informed.

On behalf of all of the planning committee members, We look forward to seeing you at the event!

Yo planning committee, Can we field a second robot?

With 23 teams currently, I hope so.

From the TRR email we got today from Susie Rich

2017 TRR Updates & Schedule
Thursday July 27th - Field Setup and local team Load In after 6pm
Friday July 28th -
10am Team Load In, pit set up, check in, radio check and practice matches
11:30 Lunch
12:30 Opening Ceremonies
1:00 Qualification Matches begin
5:30 qualification Matches end
6:00 Pits Close
6:00 Team Social
Saturday July 29th
7:00 Pits Open
8:00 Qualification Matches continue
12:00 Alliance selection and Lunch
1:00 Elimination Matches
5:30 Awards
6:00 Pits close & field takedown begins

Check In
Teams: Go to Pit and pick up team buttons, team packet
Volunteers: Go to Volunteer Hospitality and pick up name button, volunteer shirt, goodie bag and safety glasses. Remember to wear closed toed shoes and bring your safety glasses

Charity Food Drive
TRR will be collecting can food items, bring them to Pit Administration

**Registration fees: **
Check with Pit Administration

Team Social
Immediately following Friday’s matches, stay for the TRR Rockin’ Social!
RSVP if staying
Friday, July 28th – 6pm Texas Robotics Roundup Rockin’ Social
Vandegrift High School outdoor patio
Featuring: Jake Thompson, electric guitarist
Food Trucks from Indian to BBQ (prices approximately $8-$12.00 per entree)

Hang out, enjoy great food, hear 90s rock from bands such as Sound Garten, Stone Temple Pilots and more.

Awards will be peer judged. Each team will nominate another team for an award. The teams must participate in the nomination process to be eligible for an award. Teams will be recognized for Team Spirit, Gracious Professionalism, Creativity in Design, Safety and Play of the Day. Nomination ballots will be in your check in package.

Mentor Award: Nomination ballots will be in your check in package. Teams are encouraged to nominate a mentor who has not already received a FIRST Mentor Award

Lunch Pre Order
See the attachment

TRR Rules
See attachment

Consent & Release
see attachment

Final Team List - 25 teams
3999-Shadetree Robotics
5431-Titan Robotics
4610-The BearTecs
2881-Lady Cans
457-Grease Monkeys
653-NOSIDE/Edison High School
3481-Bronc Botz
2583-Westwood RoboWarriors
6357-The Spring Konstant
418-purple haze
2848-The AllSparks
6377-Howdy Bots
1296-Full Metal Jackets
5052-The RoboLobos
456-Siege Robotics

2158- ausTIN CANs
4587 -Jersey Voltage
6800- ViperBots Valor

If you have a functioning practice bot, I’d bring it in case teams don’t show. I’m not part of the committee so I don’t know but if it falls under 24, I’d be pushing to allow practice bots in.

Friday Steam Link- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6uZBwXqG4A

It should be on TBA soon.

Saturday will be at youtube.com/spectrum3847 as well but we don’t have a link yet.

The stream appears to be broken. I keep seeing the same shot and then the stream stops. Is this happening for anyone else.

Complete match results and match videos are up on TBA now.


Thanks everyone for a fun event.

Team Spirit- 5431
GP Award - 3847
Creativity in Design Award - 4587
Safety Award - 1296
Play of the Day Award - 624
Mentor Award - Ryan Gibson from 4610
Volunteer of the Year - Rachel Eversmann

Spectrum photo gallery is posted here -http://photos.spectrum3847.org/2017-FRC/2017-TRR/2017-TRR/ Feel free to use any of our photos for any reason, no attribution needed.

You can view photos from just your team in our team gallery pages here:

Volunteer photos are here: http://photos.spectrum3847.org/keyword/volunteers;trr/