2017 Ventura Regional

*Locals call it Ventura for short, but the city’s formal name, San Buenaventura
Buenaventura means “good fortune” in Spanish.
42 Teams … 1 International 2 Out of state 4 Rookies

8 Paly Robotics
114 Eagle Strike
580 Viking Robotics
589 Falkon Robotics
599 Robodox
702 Bagel Bytes
981 Snobotics
1138 Eagle Engineering
1515 MorTorq
1622 Team Spyder
1661 Griffitrons
1967 The Janksters
2429 La Canada Engineerng Club
2443 Blue Thunder -Hawaii
2489 The Insomniacs
2576 Chilean Heart -Chile
3021 The Agency
3512 Spartatroniks
3851 The Short Circuits
3859 Wolfpack Robotics
3863 Pantherbotics
3882 Lunas -Hawaii
3925 Circuit of Life
3965 Sultans
3993 Humanoids
4078 Warriors
4711 The Flying Aces
4913 Huskyteers
4964 LA Streetbots
5136 Mechapirates
5137 Iron Kodiaks
5477 NuBotX
5678 Knightrise
5802 Los STEMateros
5818 Riviera Robotics
5857 Walnut Valley Robotics
5869 Radical Robotics

Rookies Welcome!

6398 Kilo-bots
6553 Roboticus
6560 Charging Champions
6764 Fillmore Flashes

Speaking of Chile…If you’ve ever had an Anaheim chili pepper, you have Ventura native Emilio Ortega to thank. The peppers grew so well in the Ventura soil that they became prolific and were later named “the Anaheim” after Emilio moved operations south. The original Ortega chili peppers and salsa can still be purchased today, and you can visit Emilio’s home, the Ortega Adobe, in Ventura.

What a fantasic event! Here is the Livestream: https://www.twitch.tv/thebagelbytes (I hope)
Good Luck , may the gears*/climbs*/fuel be with you.

*One at a time

We are excited to come back two years after this Event opened . We had great time last time and look forward to seeing all the great teams this weekend in Ventura. I attached the Parking/Loading Map in case you need it. Friendliest Regional I’ve been to so far with volunteers. Was a great inaugural visit last time.

ventura_college_parking.pdf (46.4 KB)

ventura_college_parking.pdf (46.4 KB)

The Sisks will be there volunteering
Dona - Judge
Rick - Referee
Danielle - FTAA

Team 8 is excited to be heading down south for the first time in recent memory. We are looking forward to playing with a bunch of new faces. :]

114 is looking forward to a little road trip.

We’re bringing our robot Torque to the party.

So far event running on time in practice today…even an extra match at the end. Great venue close to field spectators, great event staff. Should be fun as we enter Qualifications tomorrow. Stop by our pit and say hey. Thanks Bagel Bites for webcasting again and the tips :slight_smile:

I know the link has been shared, but it appears the stream is offline.

Is there a link that is live?

8, 3925, and 5818 just did a 4 rotor in Qual 16!

Do you happen to have a breakdown on who did what? Thanks!

8 and 5818 each did 5 gears in teleop, and 3925 did 2 in teleop. 5818 and 3925 were able to climb at the end, but 8 was busy placing the last gear and got to the rope late.

Congratulations to the winning alliance, #2576 Chilean Heart, #114 Eagle Striker and #3925 Circuit of Life!!!

And congratulations to team #3925 on their regional win and Chairman’s Award!!

Don’t quote me on this, but I think 2576 became the first Chilean team to win a regional today. Congratulations to them and 114 and 3925 on a job well done!

We had a great time in Ventura, Congratulations to all the award winners!
Bold indicates eligible for Championship!

Regional Chairman’s Award 3925
Regional Engineering Inspiration Award 2576
Rookie All Star Award 6560

Regional Winners 2576 (Note in Semis 2 Match 1 this group put up 450, also beat us in two games in QF)
Regional Winners 114
Regional Winners 3925
Regional Finalists 3512
Regional Finalists 5136
Regional Finalists 5818

Creativity Award sponsored by Xerox 8 … Congrats alliance partners!!!
Entrepreneurship Award sponsored by Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers 8… Congrats alliance partners!!!
Excellence in Engineering Award sponsored by Delphi 5818
Gracious Professionalism Award sponsored by Johnson & Johnson 3882… Congrats alliance partners!!!
Highest Rookie Seed 6560
Imagery Award in honor of Jack Kamen 589
Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors 599
Innovation in Control Award sponsored by Rockwell Automation 114
Judges’ Award 702
Quality Award sponsored by Motorola Solutions Foundation 3512
Rookie Inspiration Award sponsored by National Instruments 6398
Safety Award sponsored by Underwriters Laboratories 1622
Team Spirit Award sponsored by FCA Foundation 5802
Wildcard 3512
Wildcard 5136
Wildcard 5818

Woodie Flowers Finalist Award Lyn Repath-Martos (589)
Volunteer of the Year Ria Sim
FIRST Dean’s List Finalist Award Simran Pujji (8)
FIRST Dean’s List Finalist Award Michael McNabb (599)

And they picked up EI on top of that, VERY well done!

That alliance also picked up a 4-rotor, 3-hang match in the semis. That was impressive.

Thank you to 2576 Chilean Heart for being an awesome alliance captain. You kept the energy high and supplied Chilean candy, who could ask for a better alliance captain? Re-watching the videos I can find, your defense was spot on, we definitely couldn’t have made it without your team.

And another thank you to 3925 Circuit of Life. You guys built a great robot and we couldn’t have done this without you! Your team provided constant support, and refused to let moral run low.

And a very special thank you to 5818, who lent us a battery for the final match. I’m very happy the wildcard slots worked out in your alliances favor - you all deserved it.