2017 Virtual Kit of Parts?

Have they released any information on this years KOP, virtual or otherwise? If they did I sure can’t find it.

It seems like we knew more at this point the last couple of years. This link make me think they released some information in October last season.

I’m specifically interested in learning if the CTR Victor Sp or Talon SRX option will still exist in the virtual KOP or if them being on FIRST CHOICE is a clue that they won’t be.

Looks like it was announced on Dec 9 2015 last season. Should be up soon…

While the virtual KoP will be announced in the coming days, usually some hints of the physical KoP are in FIRST Choice. All items have a “In Kickoff Kit” specification, either being no, yes, or rookie tote only. The SRX is, as usual, not included, which it appears the SP is included in the Rookie tote, similar to last year. It would be great if someone would update this fantastic spreadsheet with that info at a glance: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jjY66WdhwSUdmOLu98FZxSa54xH_WHzflVhXeO8Rw3k/edit#gid=0