2017 Weeks 1 thru 7 match raw score data

*2017 weeks 1 thru 7 match raw score data initial release.

Before downloading, please check to see if there are any later posts in this thread with links to updated releases.

Initial release here.

May I ask how you assemble this data? Do you use TBA and just do a huge data dump to excel?

TBA API is used to fetch the raw data into JSON files.

A Python script is then used to parse selected fields of the fetched JSON files into CSV files with a week# column appended to each one.

The CSV files are then concatenated into a single large sheet.

The concatenated CSV is then cleaned up and tested with an AWK script.

Putting everything into one large sheet makes it easy for beginners to participate in the statistics fun and do a surprisingly large and diverse set of queries using only sorts, sums, and IF logic.

Hopefully that will inspire them to stretch their mind and make the effort to learn how to use more powerful tools.

Now that I’ve answered your question, I’ll turn it around: Why do you ask?