2017 Where is Wolcott Invitational

**2017 Where is Wolcott Invitational

When: Saturday, June 10, 2017 (With Optional Friday Night Load-In)

Where: Wolcott High School (457 Boundline Rd, Wolcott, CT 06716)

Registration: $250


Team Registration
Where is Wolcott hosts 24 teams and a guaranteed spot in eliminations. Come join us!

Fill out and e-mail registration form here.

Volunteer Registration
We need many volunteers to make Where is Wolcott a success. If you’re interested in volunteering, fill out the registration form and our volunteer coordinator will get back to you.

Fill out registration form here!

Robots and More!

Of course on top of great Steamworks action, our event features other fun activities including:

*Mentor Robot
The mentor robot is listed as team 666 on the schedule (The Tormentors!!!). It will have matches in the qualifying rounds and during those matches it will be driven by mentors. Mentors will be able to be a part of the drive team for an individual match. Here is your chance to show your team what you can do. Find a match where the mentor robot is on the same alliance as your team, or even better find a match where you square off against your team. The team that donates a second robot as the mentor robot gets free admission into the event.

Guest Announcer

Every year we have a lot of fun with the guest announcer so were are doing it again. Every 4 th match we will let anyone that wants to try to be the play by play announcer give it a shot. Signups will be at the check in table.

Chairman’s Videos

We will again have a monitor playing the Chairman’s videos in a constant loop so everyone can watch them. We will also being judging the videos. If anyone wants to help judge them please let us know.

Bill Reis Award

We would also like to recognize a mentor for all of their efforts in the program. Teams can submit an essay (your Woody Flowers essay is fine) about one of your mentors for consideration. Send to Rob Cormier ([email protected]).

Double Eliminations

All teams are guaranteed a spot in elimination rounds, and we play utilizing a double elimination bracket in place of the standard bracket.


7:00am - Doors Open
8:30am - Opening Ceremonies
8:45am - 12:00pm - Qualification Matches
12:00pm - 1:00pm - Lunch Break
1:00pm - 2:00pm - Qualification Matches
2:00pm - Alliance Selection
2:15pm - 5:00pm - Elimination Rounds
5:00pm - Final Awards

Optional Friday night load in is available.


Breakfast and lunch provided by Team 228 Gus Robotics. (Yes, that means pulled pork :stuck_out_tongue: )

More Information

Visit the event’s web page: http://max1071.com/wiwi/

TBA Page: https://www.thebluealliance.com/event/2017wiwi

Webcast: Link Will be Announced Soon

Questions? Contact Event Chairman Rob Cormier ([email protected]), Volunteer Coordinator David Givens ([email protected]) or post them here in this thread.

We look forward to seeing you!

Time to dust these guys off again:

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So exciting news.

Teams 2067, 558, and 230 are collaborating to make this years Mentor robot. It is going to be amazing. We will even include it into the playoffs. The Tormentors in the playoffs.

Now the question is which mentors can handle the pressure of being in the playoffs for the coveted WIWI championship. :slight_smile:

Stay tuned

Last year’s finalist alliance captain 5421 will be there once again!!!

We’ve got only three spots left! Don’t miss out on your chance to participate in all the fun.

To sign up and get all the info:


Our current team list is located on The Blue Alliance:

There will be a NEMO (Non-Engineering Mentor Organization) meeting from 10am to noon for all adult mentors who work in the non-technical areas of their teams. Room TBD (check at the team registration desk in the lobby). Please let your mentors know as sometimes the NEMs don’t always attend off-seasons!

Is there a video link for the event?

Have fun everyone!

It’s available on The Blue Alliance GameDay.

Thanks so much. I found it just after I asked. :slight_smile:

Just got home. What a great event with great people. We had a blast! Thanks to all the teams at the event and thanks to Team Max for putting it on. Gus makes great burgers too!

Thanks to everybody who came out and made this event a ton of fun!

All match results have been archvied on TBA (with match videos hopefully coming) https://www.thebluealliance.com/event/2017wiwi