2017 Wisconsin Regional

The Wisconsin Regional is starting this week and I don’t see any threads on it so far so I figured I’ll start one.

Link to blue alliance page is here:

Good luck to everyone that’s involved and I hope to see some of you there.
-Team 6223, Arsenal Engineering

Looks like another strong event I’ll tune into this week.

Top teams/Contenders for this event (imo): 706, 1306, 1732, 2062, 2202, 3102, 3130, 4539, and 5148. I’m excited to see how things will shake out come Saturday.

I’m looking forward to seeing debuts from teams like 269, 930, 1306, 2062, and 2194. I’m also pretty excited to see what teams that already competed have cooked up since their last Regional :wink:

Should be another fun Wisconsin Regional. Will have an interesting dynamic with many teams having success at previous 2017 events and a lot of teams coming into their first event. Lots of teams are attending Seven Rivers in Week 7 and several new rookie teams. Based on the attendance at our week 0 event should be pretty competitive!

I’m excited too see / talk to some of the other teams that have been in FIRST for a while. It almost kinda feels overwhelming as a rookie member on a second year team too see all these teams that can climb, do gears, and the high goal while we can only do the low goal…

It’ll definitely be a fun event though.

Team 1732 is currently looking into a way to add a climber to your robot. And if we play together in a match we should be able to figure out a way for you guys to help shuttle gears to us (we can pick up off the floor). Feel free to come talk with us at the event if you ever have any questions or need any help. Someone from our team will be by on Thursday most likely to see if we can work with you guys in building a climber.

That’s awesome of you guys to do. I’ll talk to the build lead of my team to tell him to keep an eye out for someone from your team on Thursday then. Thanks a ton.

Team 269 is ready to go! For the first time in a very long time we have two robots this year and were able to improve our subsystems, driving and programming tremendously since bag day. Very excited to get our new changes on the field. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.:slight_smile:

By my count, 6 potential wildcard generators heading to Milwaukee this week, some doubly so…

93 (Lake Superior Winner, EI)
537 (St.Louis Winner, Chairman’s)
1732 (St. Louis Winner)
2220 (Central Illinois Winner, EI)
3130 (Northern Lights Winner)
4539 (Lake Superior Winner)

Nine Minnesota teams heading (south)east this weekend and 11 heading to Seven Rivers later on. I’m very interested in how the discussion about Wisconsin moving to the district model goes…and how that might affect Minnesota teams that are finding it more and more difficult to get into two (or even one as a second choice) Minnesota regional(s).

My eyes will be on Wisconsin this weekend as it looks to be a very competitive regional - that and our mentor team and CMNRH member 3023 will be competing there - good luck Stark Industries!

I look forward to seeing how some of the stronger Minnesota teams such as 2220, 3102, 3130, and 4539 (as well as others) test their meddle against some strong WI teams as well as contenders from IL and MO.

A little break down on some of the stronger MN teams:

2220 has been (not so quietly) putting together an impressive resume. This team seems to be overshadowed by the likes of 1816, 2052, and 2169 in MN but is ready to shake these shadows off very soon. They have a quick turnaround from winning CIR as well as taking home EI. Strange fact - 2220 has not competed in Minnesota FRC events since 2015!

3102 One of my favorite teams from MN (with one of the coolest PIT designs), TNT is coming off a strong 2016 campaign. 3102 was overlooked at Lake Superior in Duluth and did not make elims - however, their robot is strong and speedy and can climb quickly. They look to have a good showing in WI as they try to repeat as WI Champs.

3130 The ERRORS were not at their best at Northern Lights, but their patience and incredible robot helped a great drive team helped the #2 alliance win it all - and that is scary. This team looks the part of a champion and is poised to bring home another Blue Banner this season - to add to all of the others hanging in their shop in Woodbury. They will also be competing at North Star in MPLS come week 6, so they will have a lot of practice comes St Louis where they will make some noise.

4539 is looking to showcase what 2+ weeks of driver practice before bag and tag can do for a team. A great robot that can deliver gears with the best of them and climb like tarzan - they are a force to be reckoned with. They battled through a very tough Lake Superior regional with 2052 and 93 - and won the double DECCer. Currently they remain atop the MN District Points (with 73 points).

Good Luck in Wisconsin to all the MN teams!

Great post and I’m also looking forward to watching all of these great teams this weekend. Looking at the quality of the field, I would expect to see some really interesting strategies develop this week.

I minor correction, 3102 was selected to join the 6th alliance of 2503 and 3042 but were unable to make it out of the quarterfinals.

Sounds like someone has some insider info :wink:

Turns out, Mystique was disguised as our robot Bishop at the St. Louis regional…

Mystique will be coming at you starting Thursday afternoon :wink:

Anyone have a webcast link? Thanks


Live Webcast

Once again, Team 537 is hosting a live webcast will be available for your friends and family that can’t watch the action live and in person. We will share the link as soon as it’s available!

Don’t forget to visit us at:
YouTube Page: http://www.youtube.com/user/WisconsinFRC?feature=watch
Facebook Page: Redirecting...


Single View Stream:


Quad View Stream:

Congrats to 1732, 1675, and 2194 on winning the regional! Well played all the way through the tourney and 269 wishes you guys luck at championships. Also great job to team 2220 for receiving Chairmans:)

Congrats to 1732, 1675, and 2194. You all were a formidable alliance and we were so happy to have some great matches against you. Thanks to our alliance partners 5976 and 930! Showed everyone what good teamwork can accomplish! Excited that all 6 finalists qualified for champs through wildcards from 1732 and 93. Congrats to team 2220 and 93 for Chairman’s and Engineering Inspiration! And thanks to all the volunteers that put this amazing regional together. I know a lot of people were there until around 10 last night getting the field cleaned up.

Thanks to the Organizing Committee, the FTA, the queuing crew, the officiating team and the field reset team for getting us 10 qualification matches with 54 teams, and always being well ahead of schedule.

Thanks to our alliance partners, 1732 and 1675. I can finally check off this alliance on my FIRST bucket list. None of our opponents made it easy for us.

Thanks to Teams 93 and 3418 helping us out at the competition.

Finally, thanks to Al Skierkiewicz and the Regional Inspectors for having a great sense of humor.

Team 2830 would also like to thank all of the volunteers that put this event on. Helping to setup the field this year gave me a huge appreciation for all of the time and effort that is put into this event. I’d also like to thank our alliance partners of 4786 and 269 and to congratulate the winning alliance of 1732, 1675 and 2194.