2017 World Championship - Your help appreciated

Team 5036 recently got invited to the World Championships (aka St. Louis Super Regional :stuck_out_tongue: ) on Wait-List. This year has been our most successful yet, seeding fourth at both of our events, and we made it to semi-finals at both of our events, falling to the eventual winners.

The last time our team made it to the World Championships was in our rookie year, with the Rookie All-Star award, with a rather poor (if I do say so myself) robot.

HQ has asked us to make a payment by March. 22, 2017, and money is tight on our team, and the only way we’d be able to go on this offer would be with your help and consideration. If anyone has any other tips on how we can make championships happen for us this year, I would really appreciate them :slight_smile:

With your help, we’d be able to send a whole different group of to World Championships, as none of of current have ever been, and it would be a really al experience for all of the current who have helped reform our team over the years.

Your consideration, help. generosity, and sharing of our campaign is really appreciated by all the members of our team.

Thank you very much for your help!

Sounds like you are having a good year. But what do you mean by "invited " and why just the wait list?

If you are confident that more time will help, I highly suggest that you contact FIRST as soon as possible per this blog post. They really want teams to be able to attend and are willing to work on a payment plan/timing with them.

We’ve been invited through the wait list process. We only got invited through the wait list so far since we’re in the Ontario District and the qualification process for the Championships from Ontario ends at the Provincial Championships which are 2 weeks away from the St. Louis Championship. That’s a very narrow window, and it would help us a lot if we could register for the Championship with this waitlist slot in order to give our team much more time to prepare.

I would also reach out to your local FIRST Senior Mentor. S/he may have relevant advice for seeking sponsors in your area.

Good luck!

We got waitlisted too. I pretty quickly drafted and sent an email to all of our sponsors asking for help. Honestly, I didn’t expect much, but the replies and response we have received so far have successfully covered our registration plus some. I highly suggest you get in touch with your current sponsors and see how much they can pitch in as well!