2018-19 National Instruments Grant

Has anyone seen an information about the NI FRC Grant for the upcoming season? I haven’t been able to find anything on the NI forums or the NI FRC website.

NI didn’t release their grant until November last year from the emails I have. I’d expect them to have some info along before too long but I haven’t seen anything about it for this year yet.

I’d appreciate it if whoever sees it posts it here. I’ve checked the NI blog periodically but may miss it if I don’t for a little bit.


It was first posted on September 11th of last year, and the submission was due by October 27. I presume the November date was the grant award announcement.

Given that we’re creeping towards that October 27 date from last year, I’m starting to get nervous I missed something.

Yep, I sit corrected. I did a quick email search and was looking at the date only. It was the announcement email and nothing more. Well, hopefully details are forthcoming.

You may want to try to send a message to NI FIRST on twitter or by contacting Jeff from NI on the NI FIRST Forums.

I do not believe that Jeff Munn is working on this for the 2018 season for NI this season.

We have a few mentors from NI, so I have asked them and I emailed a few others at NI. I received a message that the NI Grant information has been delayed a bit and will be coming out in the upcoming weeks.

I hope this seasons team keeps up the work they did last season. Badging, improvement to landing page, fundamental of labview, etc.

For those following this thread, I know the post is later this season than it’s been in the past. Applications are open now. I posted it here: https://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1787777


The open grant application post has been made a sticky in the ‘General Forum’ and will remain so at the top of the forum until the application period closes on November 9th, 2018.

Have any other applicants heard back regarding their grant status? Award results were supposed to come out yesterday.

You’re right, they said we would hear Dec 8 - haven’t heard yet though…

From an email that was sent to all the applicants earlier today:

Thank you again for your applications for a NI *FIRST *Team grant.

We are so pleased to have an overwhelming amount of responses this year. Due to the volume and quality of the applications, we underestimated the timeline for our evaluation process. There are so many impressive and inspiring LabVIEW teams in the FRC community! Therefore, we’ll take just a bit longer to evaluate, and notifications to all applicants will be sent by Monday, December 17, 2018. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Again, we are grateful for so many outstanding applications and appreciate your patience as we assess them thoughtfully. Any questions can be directed to community.connections [at] ni.com.

Thank you,
National Instruments’ FIRST Enthusiasts

So much for spending any of that NI money before the winter break/kickoff. :rolleyes:

It blows my mind that so many of these types of grants are given out so late in the offseason. Nothing like not knowing how much money you’re gonna have.

Has anyone received any notifications yet?

Yes. 6 minutes ago. From “Community Connections”. Started out “thanks for your application.”:frowning:

Good luck.

Bumping this thread to see if anyone had heard anything regarding the 2019-20 NI Grants.

Was there ever any info regarding the 2019-20 NI Grants? Or was the program discontinued?