2018-2019 Boeing Grant

Is the Boeing Grant for FIRST Robotics still available and/or has it come out yet for next season? We have a Boeing mentor who has been looking for it but we haven’t found it yet for next season. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I believe it runs through July 31st.



This year’s Boeing Grant window closed on Jun 30. There is a waitlist available that may fund a few additional teams after all the existing team grants are committed/declined. So have your mentor look for the waitlist application page on InSite or FIRST@Boeing Community of Practice (COP) on the internal network. They can also contact me if they have any trouble finding it.

Rande Johnson

Unfortunately the Boeing grant isn’t still open, however the FRC Rookie grant is, and the NASA one should be up in a week or two, if you’re looking for funding