2018 Canadian Pacific Regional

4627 Manning Robotics is fired up and ready for the inaugural CP Regional this week.

Don’t hesitate to ask us for any help or equipment, especially rookie teams that need some last minute support getting auto up and running, we brought extra programmers along this time!

Our pit is located right by one of the entrances, come say hi.

Good luck to everyone!

There’s plenty of work to do. Please bring any available hands to inspection tomorrow and we’ll introduce you to some teams.

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Anyone have any leads on the livestream link?

Any stream for this event?

The webcast hasn’t been made available yet, but, my best guess is that it will be available here: http://watchfirstnow.com/live

WatchFIRSTNow hosts the streams for all other Canadian events, so I assume the CPR will be no exception.

The webcast is live now on http://watchfirstnow.com/live

Is the stream going to be at 368p all weekend?

A big thank you to everyone who helped make this event happen both in preparation and execution. This regional was a blast and generated a lot of media coverage too.

Oops… I think I was typing while you were posting… more write up here: https://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=163984