2018 Canadian Rockies Regional

Team Tators is looking forward to competing in Calgary, AB at the inaugural Canadian Rockies Regional!

Any Live webcast?

Hi Boltman,

Wouldn’t bother, all the links I’ve been clicking haven’t been working. There’s another conversation going on somewhere else where people were trying and everything’s broke.

Hope that helps. How’ve you been anyway?

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Since it’s a Canadian event, it should be streamed live by WatchFIRSTNow. It isn’t up currently, but when it is, it will be here: http://watchfirstnow.com/live

Practice day streams are pretty hit-or-miss. Given the international presence, it would be unfortunate if they didn’t have one.

This page appears to have it, it is on Twitch:

Heh… the video player says “Live”, so apparently they left the lights on overnight. I sure hope that means my mechanical team isn’t still reassembling the robot…