2018 Chairman's Hall of Fame Predictions


Their video was outstanding!! I’m glad I got to see them at Midwest this year and hope they return in the coming years. Good luck in Houston 2905!


Can someone give me a tldr of what 1902’s done recently? Same for 1885 please!

It’s getting pretty difficult to follow all these teams who have regional impacts but we don’t always get to hear about in other areas.

I’m going to throw a wildcard in and say 321 deserves a Finalist appearance in Detroit. They have done a significant amount of work promoting STEM and FIRST within PA and specifically providing access to programs for inner-city youth - where it is desperately needed.

My personal vote is 1241. They really are an exceptional group of mentors and students who I’ve loved interacting with.


Mostly going to focus on Detroit

1241, 1885, 2220
Not sure who will win but I hope it’s 2220
Challenge to MN teams, if someone gets districts in MN that should get you in the HoF

Houston seems more wide open but I’d put my money on 1902.
If 3646 has won an RCA this year I’m very sure they’d win it all
Hopefully they’ll get it next year!


It’s exactly that line of thinking that will prevent Minnesota from ever going to districts. It’ll take a massive effort from a lot of teams to tackle something that big. One thing that I don’t like about the Chairman’s Award is that it sometimes makes teams territorial about their outreach, even when working with other teams could greatly increase the impact of a program.


I only read Houston this year but my top 3 based on essays alone are 1311,1902, and 2468


99% of our program and outreach is focused entirely in West Virginia, and most of that outreach involves FLL and other STEM initiatives outside FRC (one FRC team started in 10 years). You don’t need interstate/international outreach or to start several FRC teams to earn Chairman’s. Chairman’s is also about a lot more than just starting teams. I’m not putting down any team, but when having these discussions, it’s important to talk about more than just numbers of teams started or amount of international outreach, because that’s only one piece of the Chairman’s puzzle.

Also something to note is that the past several CCAs were given to teams with multiple past RCAs, and 3132 and 842 have the distinction of the youngest teams to enter the hall of fame in the last decade, both entering in their 7th year (842 in 2008 and 3132 in 2017). We entered the Hall of Fame alongside 3132 last year, in our 10th season and five RCAs.

I second those predictions for Houston finalists (they have all been on my short list for predictions the past few years). It’s hard to predict which of those I think would move on to the HoF though. I would certainly be happy with any of those three.


Here is the thing. 1540 a perennial CA powerhouse had been doing international stuff eveb before 4911 was a team. Yet that did not win them HoF.

4125 has more than the higheat first participation of anyschool district. They have that in an area where many if their students are on free or reduced lunch. Yet talking with them the have worked to find grants so that not a single student is denied the right to participate due to thier financial disposition. They are changing the culture of an entire town.


Yea it’s unfortunate that this is the state of affairs. There’s simply too many disputing factions


Part of this is why we started FIRSTAlliances.org last December. FIRST teams are incredible and accomplish amazing feats on their own, and if they collaborated on projects and initiatives more and mututally helped others initiatives grow, the impact on the world would be immense.

(we’re at over 120 teams and anyone who wants to join the fun is more than welcome! <3)


This is very relevant, thanks Alex! If to win Chairman’s you had to do a particular thing (like starting interstate/international teams) then Chairman’s would turn into a checkbox. It’s a judged award, not a spreadsheet, which is why it’s such a beautiful award. Instead, Chairman’s is about the team that has the most significant measurable impact. This’ll be backed up by numbers, but if your numbers are massive (ie x many international/interstate teams) but there is no significant impact, then your submission will only be in the right ballpark. Similarly, in Australia, it wouldn’t really matter if we started hundreds of teams if there was no impact (one might argue that without impact they wouldn’t last, but that’s another discussion). We had some significant numbers, but each of them had a personal story behind them to demonstrate impact. FIRST is about impact because FIRST has and will continue to change lives and that is what Chairman’s is about. 2614 is a great example of this. The work that they have done (and continue doing) to change the face of West Virginia is staggering and was deservedly recognised last year by their CCA.

Many of the teams that have been mentioned so far are demonstrating a significant measurable impact in their submissions, and have been leaders in the FIRST community for many years in doing so. I’m in no position to weigh in on Detroit (I simply don’t know the teams), but I’m interested to see how things go in Houston. All of my scouting data is from last year, but I’m keeping my eye on teams that have all been mentioned already.


I so believe in this… well said.

Wow, so much I like in those words…

As mentioned in many forums and webcasts, Chairman’s Award at times seems like an “arms race”… which I believe is not the spirit nor the intention of the award…

We work hard in our community to change it. Only once that has been fully embraced and our local cultural foundation really changed would I feel confident in changing others.

Many teams have restrictions that reduce the ability to affect change outside their community. If any team shows consistent, measurable, long term commitment to the promotion of FIRST ideals within their school and the community, then they deserve recognition.

Does that mean the HOF is within their grasp, as it is currently trending, no…

Does that make it any less worth the effort, no.

Sorry for the off topic thoughts…

Back on topic…

To me it looks like a choice between Bacon or Cookies…
Or maybe I just need a snack…:yikes:



All are in Galileo too :stuck_out_tongue:


This is gonna get confusing.



We noticed that a lot of you wanted to check out our 2018 Chairman’s Video Submission.

Here’s the link =)

We are looking forward to seeing you all at Detroit!


To help with the discussion. Here is the link to the current Chairman’s submissions.


Note: Teams please add the URL of your Chairman’s video to your teams firstinspires.org dashboard.
Let’s get those missing link resolved.

Hope to see many of you this week in Houston, stop by our pit (E14) if you can. We would love to chat.



This is 1902’s year. Calling it now.


In addition, here’s the link to the 2018 Chairman’s Award Winners thread with this useful spreadsheet maintained by cadandcookies. It has more insight on Chairman’s award history and has some Chairman’s videos linked.


I do not see where to add our video in the dashboard.

I emailed FIRST about our link.

For those wanting to see our 2018 Championship Chairman’s Video, here is the link to ours: https://youtu.be/TjOuHsdE63s

Good luck to everyone. Hope to come see many of you in the pits and on the fields. We have so much more to learn from so many others.


I believe there’s a spot to add a video link in the actual submission, and that’s what it pulls from


Yes, if I remember correctly from the past couple years, our student submitted needed to log back into the submission site, and a link to submit the video of the presentation and the chairman’s video appeared there. Note the distinction between video of the presentation and the chairman’s video. Both are needed (at least they were the past couple years).