2018 Colorado Regional

I found this video recently, and I happen to think it’s a pretty great summary of what you can expect this regional to be like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6jjmoZC5KA&feature=player_embedded

There are four regional winners, five regional finalists, an additional ten teams that have made eliminations, and nine teams in total that have already qualified for the Championship. Sounds like a fun time! This will be the first year I’ll have to watch from afar, but I look forward to it nonetheless!

From that video, I hope you all survive…

I don’t recall there ever being a Colorado regional like this one. what a lineup! We feel ready. Come at us.

The lineups fine I didn’t take time off of work to go easy.

I’m so excited to see old friends and new and see how this plays out!

(Which is saying a lot to be excited right now since we’ve been up pulling a trailer from Dallas since 4am! :joy: )

I cant wait to see everybody tomorrow! The excitement is overflowing! I’ll just leave this here to show what we’ve been up to since the Utah Regional: https://youtu.be/gtRH35r76WA

That was such a great video.

Two things I would change about this season:

  1. I would have gone with my gut and registered for CO Regional to face the onslaught.
  2. I would won the Powerball so that I could have lined up the airline tickets, hired a nanny for four kids for four days, and attended Colorado Regional 2018.

So I will sit here in Minnesota watching both Iowa and Colorado…

Good luck to all teams facing the all-out carnage in both regionals! Both will provide for great entertainment!

Colorado teams vs the Arizona and Texas invaders.
1619 being a robot but still fighting the other robots feels apt too.
118 being the big baddy is something any team that has had the misfortune of facing them can relate to

I like it

Well that was intense. I’d like to thank all the out-of-state teams for bringing the thunder to Colorado this year. We’ve never had such a powerful lineup, and for many local teams this was their first chance to see a world-class robot in person. At the same time, I’d also really like to thank the Colorado contingent for making it as competitive as it was. 1619 was amazing, and 4499, 4550, 159, 2996, 1410, 4388, 4944, 1245, 2240, and 4293 all played well. This state has upped it’s game this year. Keep it up!

You forgot 1339 in that lineup. You guys were fantastic.

Never heard of em.