2018 FRC Game Hint Released

Last year they had a steampunk band at worlds. Here is what it looks like at Houston this year…


Any Thoughts?

Note: To me it looks like classic sci fi, kind of like Metropolis. The sun behind its head gives an egyptian feel as well.

Edit: Juts a note, early on it had tentacles coming out of it.

Edit 2: Squonk is the name of the band. Here are a few more photos:




Dunno exactly what this might mean for the theme or gameplay, but an interesting observation about having a steampunk band last year. I think a sci-fi theme would be fun.

Hey!_Yo!_Whats_UP?! confirmed for manual encryption key.

I think the most confusing part is the SQUONK in the middle of the construction. Like, what?

I think this photo means that they are bringing back the Szechuan Sauce

I wish.

I read that and I’m more confused at this point.

SQUONK is the name of the band

The statue in the background had tentacles. Squid have tentacles. What could this mean?


I think that this is an interesting observation, but just before finals was probably a bigger clue. Last year, the jazz funk band was all dressed in steampunk garb. This year, the same band was dressed as mad scientists with lab coats and frazzled hair wigs in pink and light blue.

Their site is http://squonkopera.org

The band playing at Einstein being scientist themes strikes me as more likely, haha. 2018 science lab theme confirmed :smiley:

Objective: Don’t spill the hazardous and highly combustible chemicals while mixing solutions in a lab setting with fragile glassware ::safety::

Seems like you’re seeking a real fake door, man

I wonder if it will be the same for St. Louis.

The game is the robots have to protest in front of all the McDonald’s food chain restaurants and demand that the Szechuan Sauce is brought back using picket signs or even LED signs. The alliance who gets the first McDonald’s to give in wins Einstein’s (both champs).

I am so frustrated that they go for sci-fi the year after I graduate :frowning:

I’ll still be volunteering but as a huge sci-fi fanatic I wont be able to do any crazy costumes because Ill be working at the competitions.

I think you mean to say water game confirmed

Well, the scientific name of squonk does derive from the Latin words “tear (as in cry)”, “body”, and “dissolve”. So basically, you mix and dissolve chemicals and try not to get it on a human player’s body and try to not make them cry.