2018 FRC Game Hint Released

Or it is a water game. Water with the three Latin words of the squonk’s scientific name. Tears - made of water. Body - mainly water. Dissolve - water is the universal solvent.


When Dean Kamen got his speech, it came from a drone. That means one thing. Flying Game Confirmed

I know: FRC Hide and Seek (but with a better name). Squonks hide, so this would work.

It seems like the statue is just a staple of their show and not a hint. The mad scientist costumes mentioned above are most likely the hint.

splatoon irl confirmed?

Wow! It’s also performance art. Did they have the bagpiper when they performed? I saw that sculpture afterward and was wondering what it was for.

RI’s honor would be at stake.

FIRST Rick and Morty

Aliens could have tentacles… so it still could be a Sci-fi/space game hint.

I have a feeling that with 2016 being Medieval, and 2017 being Steampunk (Victorian), the coming years will be inverse logarithmic, with the gap between time periods shortening. 2018, I think, will be similar to what the OP said about Metropolis, themed around the 20s and 30s, maybe some kind of American Dream or Assembly Lines or Mobsters! (Just off the top of my head haha probably not going to actually happen)


I’ve always been a sucker for the mafia

I am SO down for 2018 Mobsters.

Similarly enough, here at STL the band had white spikey hair, and we’re wearing these glasses that wrapped around their entire face. Very SciFi The sponsors also made subtle space references.

The statue reminded me of Art Deco, we could see a game that has some aspects of Decodence or Dieselpunk in the theme. Something like Tomorrowland at one of the Disney theme parks.

Supporting sci-fi theme idea: today FIRST Official posted a “Don’t Panic” picture along with reference to expanding across the galaxy on Instagram:

I like the sci-fi theme: tribbles would make an excellent game piece.

Those pictures remind me of solarpunk aesthetic, to be honest. I doubt they’d go for a solarpunk theme, but hey, one can wish.

The Scientist band that Houston played during the finals matches played during the opening ceremonies at St. Louis.
IF they were to do something like this they might have inflatables again they haven’t had them since 2011

Probably something to do with space, maybe asteroids and boulders?

Slightly unrelated note, does anybody know the name of the Lab Coat Band that played STL?