2018 FRC/TBA API Score Breakdown

Does anybody know when the score breakdown will be released for the FRC Events API or TBA (The Blue Alliance)?

Our scouting system utilizes this data and we are unable to continue some development without this score breakdown. This is problematic for our testing and is delaying development.

According to the documentation for FRC Events API the score breakdown will be finalized within the first 3 weeks of February, and a preliminary score breakdown will be posted before then. However, it currently says, “more details will be announced later.”

If you know anything about when the API will be released or why it hasn’t been released yet, please let me know! Thanks!

I can tell you for certain that TBA metrics will not be announced until after FRC metrics are announced. TBA grabs its data from FIRST.

We often don’t find out what FIRST is providing until around Stop Build Day - so stay tuned.

Last year the FRC Events documentation was probably released somewhere between Feb 9 and Feb 12. TBA documentation will come at some point after the FRC Events documentation is released.

Thanks for the responses!

Thanks, I saw your post about the 2017 API and it looks like it was released on Feb 5 (the equivalent of Feb 4 in this season). Hopefully they’re on a similar time-line this year.

People above in this thread are correct - TBA pulls its score breakdown details directly from FIRST, so we won’t post anything until they do.

We will likely keep the structure exactly the same and add some additional data on top of it like we did last year.

What additional data did you add last year?

We added a “tba_rpEarned” field. Whatever we add, they will be prefixed with “tba_” to distinguish what we calculate vs what FIRST provides.

2018 Score Breakdown documentation from FIRST is up.


I have yet to take a closer look and see if TBA will add any additional fields. Requests welcome.

I was literally composing an email to ask about the timeline for getting this out.

Looks almost exactly like my mock up, the only major difference is I put the FMS string “LLL” etc. in the alliance data rather than “switch/scale near color” in the match data.

Thankfully, there seem to be lots of fields returned by the API this year. :smiley:

Actually, the API is returned by the fields. Get it? Playing fields? I’ll show myself out…

50% my expectation/50% a missed field?

I know one of the goals of the FMS data is to show everything scoring related. One field type I think they missed is the scale/switch control point (only 1 point). We get 1 point for controlling the scale/switch initially, plus 1 point per second of control. Is there a way that we can get how many times the scale/switch became controlled by a team? (we have total possession seconds already)

I also thought it could be cool if we could get a string like “n10r30n1b12n1r90” (neutral, red, blue, then how many seconds) to show who controlled the scale/switch for how long (all that data is automatically generated by the FMS already, no one would have to type it in).

PS: Everywhere that says 1 point in my message, it is 2 points for auto, it seemed clearer to list that down here.

Apparently “Ownership Seconds” includes this point, so the naming is a bit misleading. That means “teleop*OwnershipSec” can be maximum of 136 (not 135) in a match.

The Blue Alliance is working on a way to make this type of data available. No promises though. Stay tuned. :wink:


I’m glad TBA has the foresight and vision to tackle this problem. :smiley:

Any chance TBA will make a sample dataset available? Just to test our systems?

Hopefully FIRST will publish data from this weekend’s Week 0.

Edit: https://frc-events.firstinspires.org/2018/WEEK0

It wasn’t documented yesterday, but it looks like FIRST will add “rp” this year.

Will the API include the switch/scale ownership WHEN the relevant force or boost power up is played? It will be guesswork to correlate them. Also, will the “ownership” include the playing of the force?