2018 FRC Winter Classic

It is with great pleasure and excitement I announce the 2018 FRC Winter Classic, a one-of-a-kind FRC Offseason event in Toronto, Canada hosted and planned by teams 1310 (Runnymede Robotics) and 771 (SWAT).

This event has a focus on learning. To help accomplish this, we will not be playing FIRST Power Up, we will instead be playing the 2016 game, FIRST Stronghold. The reason behind this is so that your grade 12 students can pass on everything they learned from their rookie year to the younger students to help pass on knowledge in a new and exciting way. The event will be a 3 day, regional style competition, meaning the first day will be a full practice day, followed by your standard 2 competition days. Team attending can choose to either use their original 2016 robot or build a new one, either way, the robots must comply with the 2016 robot rules. Robot related updates will be sent to registered teams.

More details of the event can be found below, and any questions can be PM’d to me here on Chief Delphi, or emailed to ryan@frcwinterclassic.com

When: December 7-9, 2018
Where: Runnymede Collegiate Institute in Toronto, Canada
Cost: $450 CAD ($344 USD)
Teams: ~30, we’re still working out the exact number. This (and the website) will be updated once we confirm our amount.
Field: Field perimeter will be from AndyMark, all Stronghold specific field components will be built in house by Team 1310
Registration: The registration form is available here
Website: www.frcwinterclassic.com - You can go here to find out more details.

Playing an old game: Way cool. Wish it were closer to us

If only it weren’t in Toronto…

Will the defences be metal or wood?

A mixture of wood, metal and polycarbonate.

Will you guys #bringbacktheporticullis ?

Ryan, you’re crazy. My kind of crazy, but still crazy.

We’re not currently planning to, but if that’s something people attending are interested in, we may be able to make it happen

Of course, you should be expecting this sort of thing from me by now lol

Well. I hope enough teams have a 2016 robot that isn’t dead still around. ::rtm::

We used ours at a demo a few weeks ago, but it did have some connection issues there (that could be because we had to use our old laptop, which was pretty old in 2016). That, and it doesn’t brake right on one side.

Say if more than 24 teams were at the event, will every team make it to the Elims as backup robots until we run out?

That decision hasn’t been made yet, but if we decide to do that it will be posted on the “Team Info” section of the website.

Does the field perimeter coming from andymark mean that you are using the andymark offseason rental? Or do you have a field available to use?

Are you planning on using Offseason FMS for this? I don’t believe there is any set of real hardware/scoring setup around still.

They could use the 2016 Chezy Arena.

That’s true, I forgot about CA. I was more thinking along the lines of official hardware/FMS. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea we’ll be using Cheesy Arena due to FIRST not providing support for the 2016 off-season FMS. The design of our setup will be relatively similar to 254s setup as one of their mentors as been providing a greatly appreciated amount of help to us :slight_smile:

Is this event still happening?

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we regret to inform that FRC Winter Classic 2018 will no longer be possible this year. We’re sorry to all those interested, we look forward to trying to make the event possible for next year.

So next year will you be playing the 2016 game or the 2017 game?

TBD, the website will be the first thing updated when there’s news