2018 Game Speculation

It’s never too early to start.


No, it definitely is.

Yes it is.

Claytown, Stop trying to make 2018 happen, it’s not going to happen.

I’m a Dem, and even I don’t think 2017 is going to be THAT bad.


So what y’all are saying is no?

Just no


Go home. Dream of steam.

With all the teasing of water, and… steam… they are building up something. :ahh: But what is it???

Too easy… the easiest way to see steam this time of year (for most FRC teams) is to go outside and breathe. The latin word for breathe is spirare, which is the source of the word inspiration.:cool:

It’s totally going to be water games

then the next game is going for the second reason of first, recognition.

given latin cognoscere, we shall be dealing with a knowledge themed game.

we’ll pick up books off of bookshelves, place them on desks, and also serve coffee.

Can we at least wait till build season is over?

Stack attack, except with giant lead cubes.

I’m hoping for less theming, especially of the “only people already in robotics will get this” type. I’m expecting this trend to continue. MST3000, here we come!**

Won’t be a TOTE
Won’t be a recycle bin
Won’t be a heavy Boulder sized ball
Won’t be frame wrecking defense crossings
Won’t be a 5" whiffle ball
Won’t be a 10" Gear

…based game

It will be anything else, and decided after this season is in the can. They don’t even know what it is.
I will make one prediction …audience participation will return

-End game is some kind of balance objective. (Balance beam or see-saw.)
-Larger game pieces, less of them.
-Scoring game pieces does not happen on the ends of the field. (Center or sides.)
-Manipulation of a complex shape. (like a tetrahedron)

I’m calling big balls again, a la 2014 and 2010. Other than that, a theme again, mostly flat field without many obstacles, and probably a ton of defense and contact.