2018 Greater Pittsburgh Regional

The best regional in WOW is coming back next week!

**Greater Pittsburgh Regional
**California University of Pennsylvania Convocation Center
March 21 to March 24, 2018

**TBA Event Page:

**https://twitch.tv/firstinspires1 (Main View)
https://twitch.tv/firstinspires2 (Multi View)

**Teams Attending:
**52 teams from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, West Virginia, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Taiwan, and China will be there. We haven’t had that many teams here since 2016!

**Pit Map:

**Schedule of Events:
Sensory Room
Team 303, The T.E.S.T. Team, is hosting a Sensory Room. This room is created to be a quiet, relaxing space intended to help team members with lower sensory limits to unwind from the competition.

FIRST Ladies Meet-Up
Team 3504, Girls of Steel, is hosting the FIRST Ladies Meet-up, Thursday, March 22, 2018 at 11:00. Tables will be available for you to bring your lunch to join The Girls of Steel and a prominent speaker.

Chairman’s Exchange (ChEx)
Team 3260, SHARP, is hosting the Chairman’s Exchange, Thursday, March 22, 2018, 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

The Bot Booth
Team 5740, The Trojanators, are hosting the Bot Booth, located across from Pit Admin. The booth is a “Help Desk” designed to help teams in need of robot repairs.

It’s shaping up to be a really exciting & interesting weekend! I look forward to seeing everyone there.

Don’t forget New York! Can’t wait to be there!

In effort to ensure all teams’ bots are in condition to compete before Friday, we will be working with teams to construct/repair bots Thursday. If you or your team know you will need a specific part/tool for Thursday, please shoot me a PM or post in the thread. We should be prepared for most fixes, but we want to make sure we bring the necessary items to make your bot work.

Really excited for the competition later this week and the opportunity to meet so many teams from all over! Safe travels to the teams coming in from out of town :slight_smile: It’ll be an interesting competition for sure, with at least 5 potential wild cards in play.

Greater Pittsburgh will also host FRC Director Frank Merrick!

2656 is looking forward to catching up with our Semifinals partners from 2017, 156 - RPM! And of course all of the other tremendous teams coming from all over the world to play in the Steel City.

Quasics will see yinz at Cal U for Power Up!

We’re all so excited to see you guys too. We like talking about how nice of a team you guys are, and we are especially ready to see how the Quasics will perform this year at Pittsburgh. We just got off of a mental roller coaster from Finger Lakes and we are more ready than ever to compete with all of the teams at Pitt. New and Old alike.

It’s gonna be a blast!

Just a heads up to all teams! I am a student at the University which the competition is happening and would like to warn everyone about the lack of parking there will be. Usually the event takes place during our spring break but this year it is the week after. Unfortunately the parking garage is still closed and a majority of students now park in the river lot (the lot closest to the convocation center). Please consider dropping your team off at the event then parking in the Adamson Stadium parking lot which is up the road a bit. There are buses that run every ~15 minutes from the location to campus.

Don’t forget the student center will be open which has many different dinning options and feel free to stop by the Performance Center from 9pm to midnight on Thursday for the Underground Cafe, an open Mic night where local students express their talents!

I do not see team 4145 on the pit map. Did I miss it?


Well, 52 minutes south of it, anyway.

You get the parking lot pit for signing up so late. :wink:

Thanks for the inside info, the Event Handbook has the river lot listed as usual, and mentions the stadium as a place for buses and trailers. I’ve added another bookmark to my GPS. Thanks!

I’ll be posting a scouting presentation later if anyone is interested…


Congratulations to Team 303, the T.E.S.T. Team, Team 4027, Centre County 4-H Robotics, and Team 6032, Pirate Robotics for winning the 2018 Greater Pittsburgh Regional!

This year’s regional was an amazing last home regional for me, and I’m sure it was just as amazing for everyone else. Looking forward to another great regional next year!

What an amazing event. We were so honored to participate with so many great teams and amazing volunteers. The atmosphere was energetic and the competition was fierce. Team 5472 Stallion Robotics wanted to express our thanks and appreciation.

Thank you to our alliance partners Worbots - Team 4145 and #team337 Hard Working Hard Hats. It was a privilege. You are great competitors and showed your true team spirit.

to the winning alliance

FIRST Robotics Competition Team 303: The TEST Team , Team 4027 Centre County 4-H robotics and FRC Team 6032 Pirate Robotics . We enjoyed the hard fought competition and you truly earned your win. Thanks for being great competitors , Good Luck at Worlds #omgrobots #greaterpittsburghfrc FIRST Robotics FIRST FIRST Robotics Competition