2018 HAVOC Off-Season Competition - October 6, 2018

Registration for the 2018 HAVOC Off-Season Competition is now OPEN!

We are happy to announce that the 3rd annual HAVOC Off-Season Competition is scheduled for Saturday October 6th, 2018.

Maximum Capacity: 40 Teams
Registration Fee: $300.00
Pre-Rookie Registration: FREE

There are Hotels in the Horsham Area, and if you are coming from a far we may be able to arrange special room rates for the competition weekend.

Register Here: https://goo.gl/forms/NQukYcHKu4kUGYPy2

Additional Information will be made available at: http://www.team708.org/havoc

Payment via PayPal/Credit Card or Check Made Payable to:
Hatboro-Horsham School District
ATTN: Robotics Department
899 Horsham Road
Horsham, PA 19044

7:45AM - Doors/Pits open to Teams
8:00AM-8:45AM - Field Test Matches
9:00AM - Qualifying matches begin (5 matches per team)
10:00AM - Todd Stevens/Verizon presentation
12:30PM - Alliance Selection
1:30PM - Round Robin Tournament (4 matches per alliance)
​4:00PM - Final Matches (Top two Alliances from Round Robin)

Additional Event Information:
No outside food or beverage can be brought into the school
Concessions will be available for purchase
Teams can drop off their robot on Friday, October 5th if you would like, between 7-9 PM.
Final Schedule and Round Robin Rules will be distributed at the event

Team Registration so far…

FRC Team Name FRC Team Number
RoboLancers 321
Firebirds 433
Hatters Robotics 708
Vulcan Robotics 1218
Metal moose 1391
Cougar Robotics 1403
Sab-BOT-age 1640
Redbird Robotics 1807
The Mighty Monkey Wrenches 2016
Normality Zero 2559
Fighting Robovikings 2607
Mechanical Mustangs 3314
Roxbotix 4361
La Salle Robotics 5181
Iron Mechs 5864

From MI, so I’m not going to be able to compete, but I was just wondering- how do you determine the top two teams from the round robin? Like they do at champs, or a new metric?

HAVOC has always had a round robin tournament to allow all teams more matches and to play further into the end of the competition. This also allows the alliance more time together to develop strategies and work together. The last few years, we’ve posted specific ranking rules that mimic regular ranking. The top two in the playoff ranking go to finals. We release these rules to the teams at the event. This year we will try to publicize it in advance since RPs don’t give more points in the playoffs in Power Up. It would be interesting to hear from our attending teams how they would prefer to do playoff rankings before we finalize it.

Having competed at the HAVOC off season event before I am a big supporter of the event. It is usually very smoothly run and the round robin format has run smoothly. Thumbs up to you guys for running a great off season!

2018 HAVOC Off-Season Registered Teams

272 - Cyber Crusaders
321 - RoboLancers
433 - Firebirds
708 - Hatters Robotics
816 - Anomaly
834 - SparTechs
1218 - Vulcan Robotics
1391 - Metal moose
1403 - Cougar Robotics
1640 - Sab-BOT-age
1712 - Dawgma
1807 - Redbird Robotics
2016 - The Mighty Monkey Wrenches
2559 - Normality Zero
2590 - Nemesis
2607 - Fighting Robovikings
3314 - Mechanical Mustangs
4342 - Demon Robotics
4361 - Roxbotix
5181 - La Salle Robotics
5864 - Iron Mechs
33141 - Mechanical Ponies
1717 - D’Awgmaneers (1712 Practice Bot)

Not registered yet? Register HERE: https://goo.gl/forms/pfOPjQCpwO7DQmyR2

I find this both painful and beautiful at the same time…

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I see that the Google Form listed on team708.org for the volunteer registration is from last year. I can’t find any other volunteer registration forms and the event is not listed in VIMS. Should I fill out the form or is there something that I’m missing?

Hi Holly. Thanks for reaching out. Volunteering is a great experience especially as a student!

I updated the form to remove the date. We keep it simple and use the same form from year to year.

You are correct that HAVOC is not listed in VIMS as it is a non-official FIRST event.

We are always looking for more volunteers if anyone wants to try something new! Go to team708.org/havoc to sign up (link is at the bottom of the page)! For any questions, reach out to havoc[at]team708.org.

Also, we still have room for any teams to come. Register today!

Sabotage is looking forward to seeing all of our frc friends at Havoc.

Lordy, lordy, always nice to see 1640

FIRST Mid-Atlantic is giving away old field elements at HAVOC. Mostly plastics from 2015-2018. There’s scale and switch parts, Stronghold plastics with graphics, chute doors from Recycle Rush, serializer parts from Steamworks, and much more. The material is great for prototyping or hanging on your wall. We also have totes full of partially used tape, cable ties, and other field consumables.

First come, first serve.

Sab-Bot-age 1640 would like to thank out partners Nemisis 2590 ( captain), 609 Robo “corsairs” for an exciting elimination and win at Havoc! I believe every team there had a great event run by an excellent organization " 708 Hatters robotics ", and hope to see all our FRC friends at the future events.