2018 Hopper Subdivision

Team 1902 is super excited to join so many amazing teams in the Hopper Division this year!

We can use this thread to discuss anything related to the division.

We wish y’all safe travels to Houston!

973 is excited to compete in Hopper this year.

I’ve attached the 2018 Hopper Public Prescout document.

Teams, please input information (use comments) about your robot, link a photo, and a few matches. If you have any questions, are confused what to put, etc feel free to ask.

A few clarifications:

-For hanging, Self +1 means that you can climb and take a partner with you, just +2 means that you yourself do not levitate but you still lift 2 partners, and so on.

-For cube mechanism, Portal means you can catch the cube directly from the HP loading station (everybot), Floor+Portal means you have two distinct mechanisms.

I really think that Hopper will give us a lot to talk about. Obviously this subdivision has a lot of strong teams but we know that two (254, 148) teams are the best. So I think the winning alliance in Hopper could be the winner of Einstein Field.
I also believe that the winner of the Chairmans Award will come out from Hopper or at least a finalist will come out (1902).

True, there are teams that are very good and might win on einsteins, but the newton division has some fierce competition too with teams such as 1619, 118, 971, and 1678 who won most of their regional events and have history of making it to subdivision finals or representing their alliance on einsteins, Overall it will be very interesting.

Hopper will be graced this year by a team very special to me. Team 6050, the Bush Bots have qualified for the first time this year and have battled hard just to be at the event. They come from a tiny little town called Wee Waa (visit them for the pronunciation) with a population of 1,600. They are blown away every time they come for a regional (which probably had more people attending than lives in their town) so they are going to be amazed at Champs.

They will be flying the Aussie flag solo in the Hopper division this year, and I do not doubt the Gracious Professionalism of the great teams in the division, but if you get a chance you need to go say ‘G’day’. I don’t want to steal too much of their thunder but they truly are one of those teams whose lives could be changed this week. See if they need help, and go find out their story. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Thanks Hopper!

P.S. Click here for their facebook page

P.S.S. They have Aussie accents. Need I say more?