2018 Houston Carver Division Thread

2811 is looking forward to meeting everyone in Houston, along with some old friends! We are from the PacNW, located at Skyview High School in Vancouver, Washington.

Please use this thread for introductions and general discussions about our Division!

1369 Minotaur from Middleton Magnet High School, Tampa, Florida. Stop by and see our robot, What?

Team 4192 from Flower Mound, Texas can’t wait! This will be our first championship in our seven year lifetime and we are so excited to play with so many amazing teams!

Team 1425 is pumped to be on Carver for the third time in four years. Good luck to everyone attending!

Team 100’s back with its first championship since 2015 - it’ll be nice to see you all!

Team 1410 is super excited to be back a champs for the third time. It’ll be fun meeting everyone on Carver. Good luck to all teams attending!

Interesting to note that 175 is in Carver… They are in the NE district and The Blue Alliance lists their home championship as Detroit for 2018…

Spyder 1622 contacts SoCal departure 119.6, good day.

Team 4944 is super excited to compete in the Carver division this year along with some amazing teams. Also pumped to play with our Colorado friends 1410 and 4499.

Hall of Fame teams can trade which champs they go to

Buzz Robotics 175 is looking forward to our return to Houston on Wednesday after just now returning to Connecticut from Boston and making the Semis in the New England District Championships. Hope to meet old and make new friends!

We hope to represent Ye Olde New Englanders well!


Carver teams by winning margin Elo (courtesy of Caleb’s Scouting Database)

#	Elo	name
2910	1890	Jack in the Bot
1425	1823	Error Code Xero
1622	1820	Team Spyder
16	1814	Bomb Squad
1690	1774	Orbit
1421	1748	Team Chaos
5803	1737	Apex Robotics
744	1721	Shark Attack
5987	1715	Galaxia in memory of David Zohar
4265	1699	Secret City Wildbots
1477	1698	Texas Torque
4911	1694	CyberKnights
2811	1693	StormBots
341	1687	Miss Daisy
6502	1686	DARC SIDE
1414	1681	IHOT
175	1679	Buzz Robotics
2556	1673	RadioActive Roaches
5499	1671	The Bay Orangutans
4795	1664	EastBots
4944	1653	The Hi Fives
343	1642	Metal-In-Motion
1410	1642	The Kraken
342	1641	Burning Magnetos
418	1636	Purple Haze
5026	1628	Iron Panthers
5006	1618	Apophis
4499	1615	The Highlanders
4192	1613	Jaguar Robotics
6800	1611	ViperBots Valor
2152	1598	S*M*A*S*H
2928	1597	Viking Robotics
108	1596	SigmaC@T Robotics Team
1466	1583	Webb Robotics
3991	1583	KnightVision
801	1580	Horsepower
932	1579	Circuit Chargers
6985	1578	ENKA TECH.
1369	1560	Minotaur
3145	1559	TeraViks
3753	1558	BulahBots!
2723	1542	Team Rocket
5805	1541	SMbly Required
2415	1536	WiredCats
580	1526	Viking Robotics
3238	1514	Cyborg Ferrets
5458	1514	Digital Minds
4306	1510	RoboKomodos
100	1505	The WildHats
4013	1503	Clockwork Mania
4171	1488	BayBots
3834	1485	Crab-bots
5829	1484	AwtyBots
3132	1475	Thunder Down Under
7123	1475	MVE Tin Men
3229	1473	Hawktimus Prime
6988	1468	ACI 35
1378	1460	Hilo Viking Robotics
1769	1456	Digital Hawks
7111	1447	RAD Robotics
6413	1439	Degrees of Freedom
6846	1428	Central Magnet Robotics
7301	1422	Jackbots
6832	1418	Robotrojans STEAMex
6902	1411	S.T.R.I.K.E
2429	1400	La Canada Engineering Club
4501	1400	Humans
6838	1393	X-SHARC

Does anyone happen to know if there’s a google spreadsheet of our match schedule?

EDIT: From http://wesj.org/docs/houston2018/

Quick tool for everyone, a pit map where you can find teams easily:

  1. Type anything next to a team number on the right and it’ll highlight them in yellow.
  2. Type in a match number and it’ll pull up all 6 teams and show their locations, highlighting in their alliance color.

Note: Sorry if the colorscheme is bad, I am colorblind and making google spreadsheets look nice is tough for me :smiley:
Also, let me know if there are any issues/bugs.

Here’s a link, just make a copy of the spreadsheet:

6502 is excited to play in Carver again :slight_smile:

Here’s a quick preview of our robot that a team member threw together after we qualified: https://youtu.be/9S6OuKORLMA

Thank you! This well help my team quite a bit

Team 342 is super excited to be back at Championships for the first time since 2012! We can’t wait to compete with everyone!!

Thank you for the “shout out” by highlighting FRC Team 801.

This is an excellent tool and we are already using it to prepare.

See y’all at Worlds.

FRC Team 801 is excited to be returning to Worlds after 5 years!

We invite all to come by and visit us in our pits and see our our robot “Ugs” which is named after a mentor that passed away during the offseason.

In honor of him and his service to our nation, we are inviting all veterans and current service members to come by and sign our robot. Please spread the word.

See y’all in a few days.