2018 Houston Einstein

Congratulations to the following teams for making Einstein Field at the 2018 Houston Championship!!

Carver Champions: 1.) 4911 2910 4499 5006
Galileo Champions: 4.) 4488 1574 3965 3374
Hopper Champions: 1.) 254 148 2976 3075
Newton Champions: 2.) 1678 1619 4061 1723
Roebling Champions: 1.) 3476 1323 1072 1778
Turing Champions: 8.) 1533 1296 2655 3593

Teams in bold have won previous world championships.
Underlined teams have previously made it to Einstein.

Breakdown by region:
California: 254 1072 1323 1678 3476 3965
PNW District
– Washington: 1778 2910 2976 4061 4911
– Oregon: 4488
Colorado: 1619 4499
Israel District: 1574 3075
North Carolina District: 1533 2655
Texas: 148 1296
Arkansas: 5006
Missouri: 1723
Oklahoma: 3593
Wyoming: 3374


  • 1678 has made Einstein every year since 2013. That’s six years in a row!
  • This is 254’s 7th division win, going all the way back to 2001. If they win their fourth World Championship this year, they go from being tied for second place in Championships (with Teams 67 and 111) to tied for first place in Championships (with Team 71).
  • I’m sure you knew this already, but 254 is undefeated on the season! 46-0. What you may not know is that 1323 is close - they are 47-1.
  • As Nato pointed out below, this is 3476’s 4th division win. Just like in 2013 and 2015, they made it to Einstein as an alliance captain / first pick without winning any of the regionals they attended this year.
  • 148 is on a 7-year streak of being either the #1 alliance captain or the #1 pick on their division. This is their 5th overall division win, and an opportunity to get Championship #3 (after winning in 1993 and 2008).
  • 4488 made Division Finals in 2014 and 2015, taking their opponents to 3 matches both times and only barely missing out. This is their first time to break through and make it to Einstein!
  • 1574 was a division finalist in 2008 (showing the world what Israel is made of) and again in 2015, but finally managed to break through this year.
  • 2910 had never won an event of any kind until the Peak Performance offseason event last year. This year they won two events as captain of their alliance and then were the first overall pick on their division with a chance to wow the crowd and perhaps take the crown on Einstein.
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4911 is also from Washington. Amazing year for PNW!

Yes! I definitely meant to put 4911 there instead of mentioning 2910 twice haha. Great year for the PNW, just like last year. Also a great year for Wyoming, who I believe have place their first team on Einstein!

If I’m reading this right 3476 is the only team to have a prior Einstein appearance but no world championship win.

And they’ve had THREE division wins so far but got outed in the first Einstein round each time…

2013 was the now legendary score miscount.
2015 was a tipped ramp.
2016 was field sounds and some tight matches.

Hoping for some better luck this year.

Amazed that two NC teams made it. Super impressive stuff.

1296 was an absolute steal of a second pick…

And a great year for NC too, with 1533 and 2655 as some of the first NC teams to make it to Einstein (4828 made it as a backup in 2016 but never got to play).

I can’t believe only four teams of the batch this year have been to the Einstein field before. Should be a great competition this afternoon!

Thee undefeated dream for 254 is on!

I want to highlight 4061. Theyre the 2nd Eastern Washington team ever to make it to Einstein, and 100% deserve to be there. Both the team and the bot are great, and Francis never stops dancing. Im hoping they can bring the first Einstein banner home for this side of the mountains!

Props to 1678 on tying the legendary 177 streak of 6 years in a row on Einstein

Props to Alliance 8 on Turing!

Congratulations to all the alliances. #WestCoastBestCoast

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First Einstein appearances for teams from Wyoming, Oklahoma, and North Carolina IIRC

I am pretty sure 1533 and 2655 will be the first NC teams to ever play on Einstein. Previous NC teams to make to Einstein (435, 900, 4828) were never on put on the field.

Colorado too, and maybe Oregon.

2990 made it in 2016.

Oregon had 2990 in 2016. But first time as an alliance captain or first pick!

Same thing for North Carolina.

When do matches start?

435 was a sub in a 2 robot game (it was 2004, a year before the first 3-robot game)